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New shoots for New Roots!

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New Roots Charlottesville is excited to introduce you to our new team members.

Terry Allan, Manager of Food and Agriculture Programs

Terry Allan has joined the IRC in Charlottesville as the Manager of Food and Agriculture Programs. Terry has been farming organically around the world for more than 25 years, including 15 years in the seed business. She spent the past 14 years based in Sonoma County, California. After a hectic cross-country drive as Coronavirus shutdowns were being put in place, she is relieved to be back in her home state near her beloved Appalachian Mountains. She is looking forward to helping our new Americans achieve their farming and gardening dreams to improve their family food security and contribute to the development of a more robust and resilient local food system.

Sara Santa Cruz, Farm and Garden Specialist

Sara Santa Cruz is the new Farm and Garden Specialist.  As a recent transplant from Colorado, Sara is thrilled to work with our community gardeners and farmers. She holds a Master's Degree in Applied Geography with a focus on Regenerative Food Systems and has worked in urban agriculture settings for the last 7 years, including two years in the Peace Corps in Madagascar. She hopes to become more involved with community development, public health, and food policy. Sara lives with her fiancé, David, and their dog, Huckleberry.