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Running with the IRC

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Every year, thousands of people from around the world run the New York City marathon. Some run for athletic achievement, some run for personal triumph, and some run to benefit worthy causes. This year, the IRC in NY is doubly proud of these marathoners, as one of our own, Avrielle Miller, is running the New York City Marathon in support of the IRC. Over the next few months, we’ll update on Avrielle’s training and work here in the office as she prepares for the marathon in November. 

Running the marathon is a serious commitment, as is working on behalf of refugees and asylees. Avrielle is a Job Placement Specialist working with refugees to advance towards economic self-sufficiency. Avrielle’s dedication to both her personal goals and to clients at the IRC in NY is outstanding and admirable. We are so proud to count her as a colleague and advocate! 

Follow along with Avrielle as she makes her way through training and her experience here at the IRC in NY, and visit her CrowdRise campaign to support her efforts!

Marathon Training

Running for this marathon has been an interesting process. Not too long ago, in early May, I completed my first marathon. It was an exhilarating experience to cross the finish line with stride. However, the exertions of my first marathon left me with a good month of healing and recovery.  I have been reconditioning myself back into marathon training, which consists of a lot of stretching, using of my foam roller for sore muscles, and doing day to day activities as I normally would. Mainly, to just keep moving. Although sometimes difficult (due to the unbelievable stiffness of muscles), I found that just walking or eating food with good carbohydrates and proteins really helped the recovery process along. Now I am getting back into running longer distances, a few miles at time, and will be participating in my first race post marathon in June! 

Job Placement Work with the IRC

Things in the IRC’s resettlement office here in New York are busy as always. I am still learning new things every day. Lately, I have been tasked with leading a life skills class as part of the Refugee Youth Summer Academy (RYSA) this summer, specifically regarding employment. RYSA is a school preparedness program for area refugee, asylee, and immigrant youth ages 5-20 for six-weeks during the summer.  My class will run for two of RYSA’s six weeks. In keeping true to my background in environmentalism, I am trying to do more work surrounding green jobs, such as employer outreach and partnership outreach, research regarding available resources, and to gain an understanding of what clients would need to be eligible candidates for these jobs. With that foundation, I consider how to best prepare clients by identifying pathways to acquire the skills sets needed for that sector.  This was one of the first connections I have made between my current position and my research background. As a primary part of my job is to help others to become self-sufficient, it struck me that the potentials with green jobs could empower clients to positively impact NYC’s environment while also advancing clients on their paths towards self-sufficiency. Potential job examples include installations green roofs, urban growers on rooftop gardens or recyclers. I am happy to be able to make these connections to bring some of my own expertise into the IRC in NY’s services. Moving forward, I hope that this will be a fruitful development that continues as we continue to serve more clients and identify more green employment opportunities in the future. 

Photo: Avrielle Miller/IRC.