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The IRC in Phoenix offers a wide variety of services to help refugees and other vulnerable populations.

The International Rescue Committee responds to the world’s worst crises in order to help people not only survive, but rebuild their lives, step-by-step.

The IRC has been at work in the Phoenix Metropolitan area for over 20 years and has resettled over 14,000 refugees. The IRC in Phoenix offers a wide variety of services to refugees and other vulnerable populations with a focus on strengthening neighborhoods by integrating new residents and increasing the capacity of the community to better understand their needs and strengths.

Refugee Resettlement & Case Management

Reception & Placement Program for Vulnerable Populations

Service Description:  Through a partnership with the U.S. Department of State, the IRC assists with the vital steps of resettling refugees in Maricopa County. The Reception and Placement program is 60 days of initial assistance. R&P starts when the client arrives at the Phoenix airport and provides direct assistance with initial housing, furnishings, food and clothing. Furthermore, it involves cultural orientation classes, creating a family budget, setting long-term and short-term goals, and assists in acquiring social security numbers and employment authorization. Additionally, clients have access to Job Readiness training, health services, and programs that reach for economic empowerment and community integration. Qualifying families and populations receive on-going case management through the program and thereafter. Intensive Case Management is available for certain, extenuating circumstances.

Contact Person:

Samer Hassan, (602) 433-2440 ext. 237, samer.hassan [at] rescue.org


Refugees, Cuban-Haitian entrants, individuals with Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) status and individuals with Asylum status; time limits for time lived in US apply


Economic Empowerment

Employment Services and Workforce Development

Service Description:  The IRC assists employable clients by pairing them with an employment specialist that actively pursues job development and employment placement, as well as providing vocational coaching and on-the-job training. The employment team works closely with case managers, eligibility specialists, and adult education to provide well-rounded and comprehensive case management.

Contact Person:

Mohammed AlQaysi, (602) 433-2440 ext. 221, mohammed.alqaysi [at] rescue.org


Job Readiness Training and Financial Education

Service Description:  Job Readiness Training introduces participants to the U.S. workforce with a heavy focus on workforce culture.  The training covers the importance of having and keeping employment, ways to find employment, applications, resumes, interviews, and appropriate workforce conduct.  Participants receive a certificate of completion for full participation.  Additionally, IRC offers Financial Education with the intention of exposing participants to different banking options and services, how to track income and create a budget, as well as building, repairing, and using credit; this helps the participants understand the U.S. financial systems and how to make smart choices about their personal finance. Additionally, there are a number of certified financial advisors on-staff that are available for training, coaching, and advising.

Contact Person:

Melissa Maness, (602) 433-2440 ext. 265, melissa.maness [at] rescue.org


English Language Training

Service Description: The Resettlement Agencies in Phoenix have collaborated together in order to provide multiple tiers of English language training as well as locations and times. The ELT provided is tailored based on ability, and is regardless of native language spoken.

Contact Person:

Melissa Maness, (602) 433-2440 ext. 265, melissa.maness [at] rescue.org


Consumer Lending

Service Description: This program from IRC Phoenix provides the opportunity to participate in Credit Building Loans for clients of the IRC. The Credit Building Loan can bring a credit score from 0 to around 650, or be used to repair damaged credit scores. The second part of consumer lending is an Auto Lending program that offers auto loans up to $8,000 for our refugee population and up to $3,000 for the Opportunity Youth. These loans are at a 9% interest rate. Additionally, we provide Financial Coaching to our clients in order to have them became more financially stable and knowledgeable.

Contact Person: Phyllis Korogodsky, (602) 433-2440 ext. 176, phyllis.korogodsky [at] rescue.org

Elegibility: Clients of the IRC, participants in the IDA program, or graduates of financial literacy

Microenterprise Development and Lending


Service Description:  This program helps entrepreneurs to start or expand business ventures through technical assistance and micro-loans up to $10,000.


Contact Person:

Danielle Luna, (602) 433-2440 ext. 174, danielle.luna [at] rescue.org

Contact Person:

Maria Gigourtaki, (602) 433-2440 ext. 190, maria.gigourtaki [at] rescue.org


Individual Development Account (IDA) Program

Service Description:  IRC Phoenix helps participants save toward the purchase of a home, car, business or education through matched savings.  Participants attend financial literacy training that focuses on practical financial management concepts.

Contact Person:

Eric Heimbecker, (602) 433-2440 ext. 169, eric.heimbecker [at] rescue.org



Refugee Childcare Microenterprise Development

Service Description:  This program provides training, technical assistance (including DES certification requirements) and start-up capital for home-based childcare businesses.

Service Area: Maricopa, Santa Cruz, Yuma, Pinal and Pima Counties

Contact Person:

Morgan Kennedy, (602) 433-2440 ext. 204, morgan.kennedy [at] rescue.org


New Roots: Farm and Food Security Program

Service Description: This program provides training and technical assistance to promote agricultural endeavors, including community gardens and larger farm operations.

Contact Person:

Jillian Robinson, (602) 433-2440 ext. 198, jillian.robinson [at] rescue.org


Any beginning farmers and ranchers with less than 10 year of experience


Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

Service Description:  Each spring, IRC offers free tax preparation assistance that provides tax payers with access to IRS certified volunteers to prepare their taxes.  Run late January to April 15, this program is free and provides linguistically appropriate tax assistance.

Contact Person:

Danielle Luna, (602) 433-2440 ext. 174, danielle.luna [at] rescue.org



Income limits apply

Opportunity Passport

Service Description:  Designed for young adults who have experienced foster care. The program teaches about money management, banking, and assets while also providing technical assistance to enrolled young adults including opening a bank account and assisting with the purchase of an approved asset.  Participants have the opportunity to have their savings match $1 for $1 towards an approved asset.

Contact Person:

Michael Peterson, (602) 433-2440 ext. 274, michael.peterson [at] rescue.org



To enroll, young adults must be between the ages of 14 and 25 (until 26th birthday), have been in foster after age 14, and complete the financial literacy core courses.


The Child Watch Program

Service Description:  The Child Watch program is a free service for all IRC parents attending programming on-site at the IRC Phoenix office location. IRC Phoenix’s Child Watch encourages learning through evidence based practices within early childhood to enhance school readiness for children. Through play with age appropriate educational toys and games, child development activities, and classroom norms practiced, children will be better equipped to transition successfully into their school or daycare center. Parents will be onsite at all times and in close proximity to the children being cared for in the Child Watch program.

Contact Person:

Aysar Al Khafaji, (602)433-2440 ext. 292, aysar.alkhafaji [at] rescue.org


IRC clients


Health, Wellness, & Survivor Services


Wellness Center: Outpatient Behavioral Health Services        

Service Description: IRC’s licensed behavioral health clinicians provide individual, family and group counseling in office, home and community settings.  IRC outreaches to the target refugee populations about behavioral health issues and stigma, as well as provides cultural competency, trauma and self-care training to staff of mainstream behavioral health organizations.

Contact Person:

Wen-Chien Lin, (602) 433-2440 ext. 228, wenchien.lin [at] rescue.org


Refugees, Asylum Seekers, Victims of Crime, Victims of Human-Trafficking


The Victim Advocate Program

Service Description:  The Victim Advocate program at the IRC provides comprehensive case management services to all foreign nationals who are a victim of crime. Services include assistance with filing victim compensation claims, crisis counseling, legal advocacy and referrals to pro bono attorneys, assistance with accessing benefits, referrals to both medical and psychiatric services, interpretation services, referrals to emergency housing, and safety planning.

Contact Person:

Arody Jimenez, (602) 433-2440 ext. 210, arody.jimenez [at] rescue.org


A.L.E.R.T.: Arizona League to End Regional Trafficking

Service Description: The ALERT program at the IRC assists foreign national victims of human trafficking by providing comprehensive case management in the areas of social, legal, psychological/psychiatric and health/medical. ALERT works in partnership with local law enforcement and The Department of Homeland Security in providing safety and security for identified victims. ALERT provides services to labor and sex trafficking victims, pre-certified and certified status, and their derivatives.

Contact Person:

ClaraAnne McGarry,(602) 433-2440 ext. 233, claraanne.mcgarry [at] rescue.org


Specialized Services for Certified Survivors of Torture

Service Description:  IRC assists survivors of torture by providing intensive, comprehensive case management in the areas of social, legal, psychological/psychiatric and health/medical. 

Contact Person:

Madison Rose, (602) 433-2440 ext. 206, madison.rose [at] rescue.org


Certified Survivors of Torture


Community Integration & Development

Immigration Services

Service Description: IRC is US Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) recognized to provide low-cost assistance for individuals in applying for various immigration benefits, including green cards, citizenship, immigrant travel documents, family reunification, Affidavit of Relationships, DACA and more.  Assistance with USCIS fee waivers is provided for individuals that qualify

Contact Person:

Nadeana Fortin, (602)433-2440 ext. 211, nadeana.fortin [at] rescue.org

Contact Person:

Ryan Heward, (602) 433-2440 ext. 178, ryan.heward [at] rescue.org

Contact Person:

Leticia Fields, (602) 433-2440 ext. 266, leticia.fields [at] rescue.org


Interpreting Services

Service Description: The IRC Interpreting Services Program offers interpreting services for Limited English Proficient (LEP) clients throughout the community.  The service provides professionally trained, cost-effective, in-person interpretation to the community in over 43 languages, specializing in languages of lesser diffusion including, Burmese, Kinyarwanda, Somali, Karen, Swahili, among others.   Our 100 interpreters have been tested for language proficiency in both English and other languages used.  IRC interpreters also attend an internal and intensive 40 hour course, utilizing a nationally recognized curriculum to ensure that interpreters follow the Ethics and Standards of Practice in Interpreting.  Before interpreters go outside to serve the community, they complete 40 hours of internal interpreting in an array of interpreting sessions such as cultural orientations, job/interview readiness, credit and banking, loans (home & auto), parenting, education (high school and elementary level), legal and medical,  and Family Self Sufficiency Plan classes.

Contact Person:

Gloria McCall, (602) 433-2440 ext. 171, gloria.mccall [at] rescue.org


Citizenship Outreach and Education

Service Description: IRC provides free citizenship preparation classes and materials to assist students in preparing for the USCIS English-only test.

Contact Person:

Brandi Bruce, (602) 433-2440 ext. 240, brandi.bruce [at] rescue.org


Volunteer Program 

Service Description: With nearly five volunteers to every employee, IRC in Phoenix relies on the generosity of its community-minded partners to help newly arrived refugees complete their journey from harm to home. Volunteers work directly with refugees and behind the scenes to assist in community gardens, cultural orientation, public transit trainings, job readiness and career coaching, citizenship, financial education, and much more.

Contact Person:

Jessalynne Howard, (602) 433-2440 ext. 202, VolunteerPHX [at] rescue.org or jessalynne.howard [at] rescue.org 


In-Kind Donations 

Service Description: Donations of gently used clothing and shoes from infant to adult, small household appliances, kitchen items and housewares items are accepted at the IRC office during office hours. In addition, we always need diapers and hygiene supplies to distribute to families. To make an appointment to drop off donations please use the contact below. IRC clients can access these donations through a referral from their case manager.

Contact Person:

Dave Kurz, (602) 433-2440 ext. 175, dave.kurz [at] rescue.org


For more information on services offered by the IRC in Phoenix contact Phoenix [at] Rescue.org