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Staff Farewell in NYC

This month the IRC in NY said good-bye to one of our most beloved teammates. Kathleen McTigue had been with the IRC for over six years, first as New Roots Program Manager and later as the first Economic Empowerment Manager in the New York Resettlement Office. Kathleen oversaw growth of the New Roots Community Farm in the Bronx and the groundbreaking of the New Roots Community Gardens in Queens this spring.

Kathleen showed the New Roots bees to Refugee Youth Summer Academy students on a field trip.

Photo: Kristin Slaby/IRC.


Kathleen was a strong team player and asset across programs, partnering with Education & Learning and Economic Empowerment regularly through visits and job training programs. She was vital to the IRC in NY's POWER program, a women's empowerment program that offers refugee, asylee, and immigrant women opportunities in interpretation, child care and agricultural fields through sector-specific job training, financial coaching, and preparation. Kathleen closely linked the benefits of the New Roots Community Farm between health outcomes as well as economic empowerment outcomes, rightly asserting the linkages between financial security and health. 

Kathleen with POWER graduates at the New Roots Community Farm in the Bronx.

Kathleen then led the IRC in NY's newly formed Economic Empowerment department, overseeing major growth including offerings in career development and micro-loans for refugees, asylees, and immigrants in New York. She has been a wonderful advocate, leader, and friend to clients and staff alike, and demonstrated a deep commitment to strong program design, thoughtful planning, and meaningful mentorship.

We are so thankful to have shared Kathleen's expertise, charisma, and joy over the past six years. While the IRC in NY clients and staff will miss her deeply, we wish Kathleen and her family all the best in their exciting new chapter!

In celebration of Kathleen's lasting legacy here in New York, click here to support the programs she so generously led.