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Stand with the banned in Atlanta

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Tomorrow marks one year since the Trump Administration released the first travel ban and slammed America’s door on refugees. For 120 days, this White House declared, the most vulnerable people on our planet – 75% of whom are women and children – would not find safe harbor on our shores.

There are 65 million refugees in the world today. Of those, only 1% – the most critical cases – are resettled. In 2017 over 3,000 refugees anticipated finding a new home in Georgia but just 2,179 were able to arrive past the Trump Administration’s bans. Nationwide, at the current rate as few as 20,000 refugees will ultimately make it to the United States in 2018. For the world, American leadership is sorely missed.

You showed up, said it loud and said it clear: Refugees are welcome here!

You showed up, said it loud and said it clear: Refugees are welcome here!

Photo: Shelsea Doran

It is important to remember that these great challenges are not insurmountable. The refugee resettlement program is a storied tradition of our nation, a truly bipartisan effort that enshrined our core common values: that families ought to be together, that our children could have a better future than we had, that hard work – persistence, strength, and character – would be treasured in our great land.

Tomorrow also marks one year since Americans came together to stand up for what they believe in: an America that builds bridges, not walls, and welcomes others rather than bans them. You, your friends, family, and your community turned out at airports across the country demanding safety for parents and children desperately seeking protection and hoping to reunite with families here in the U.S.

Please keep raising your voice. Please continue to stand with the banned and stand with refugees by making a donation today. We couldn’t fight for these courageous and resilient families without you.

Thank you for supporting refugees, today and always.

J.D. McCrary                
Executive Director, the IRC in Atlanta 

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