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Supporter Spotlight!

With so many different paths in supporting the IRC in NY, most volunteers pick one or two to pursue. But some volunteers dedicate their time and energy to go above and beyond and make an even greater impact on this office and our programs.

Lisa Scholtes joined the IRC in NY in 2016 as a community outreach volunteer, seeking to enhance the office’s presence and network in New York City. Lisa also volunteered with the IRC’s civics and citizenship workshops after hours. But Lisa began to think outside the box and spearheaded new efforts on her own.

In a few short years, Lisa has become a much beloved volunteer and valued member of the IRC in NY’s outreach team. For the past two years, Lisa has helped to coordinate and secure a venue for the annual winter client party, a warm celebration of the IRC in NY’s clients and the dedicated staff, volunteers, and supporters who serve them. The client winter party serves around a hundred attendees each year and is entirely supported by donated space and food. Gifts and activities are donated and coordinated by New York City’s GenR chapter. This remarkable undertaking demonstrates Lisa’s commitment to all touched by the IRC in NY.

Lisa and her daughters, who have worked with their mom to support the IRC in NY&NJ!

Photo: Lisa Scholtes/IRC.

Lisa has made this a family effort as well. She has involved her family in events, and her daughter even ran a CrowdRise event to fundraise for the IRC in NY in lieu of birthday gifts. Lisa has referred others for volunteering, and brought in her friends as well by hosting a small gathering at her own home to fundraise in support of the office and its programs.

Lisa is a fixture at IRC events, and has made crucial introductions to foundations and new supporters to ensure the IRC in NY can continue to flourish in these difficult periods. Her legacy as a volunteer and supporter continues to grow and deepen, and has led to enhanced services for clients and security for the IRC in NY.

So thank you, Lisa, for your years of hard work on behalf of the IRC in NY. We are deeply grateful for your continued presence, dedication, and warm smile!

If you are interested in supporting the IRC in one or more of the many ways Lisa has, please click here.