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TAKE ACTION: World Refugee Day

Children are being taken from their parents at the U.S. border, as their families seek refuge. Refugee arrivals are at an all-time low. You can make a difference, but we need you to act now. This World Refugee Day, will you stand on the right side of history and speak out for America as a home for families who are fleeing conflict and crisis? 


Call Your Member of Congress Today!

Dial 1-855-472-8930 to be connected to your Member of Congress.

Sample message: 

"My name is _____ and I am a constituent from _____. June 20 is World Refugee Day and the United States needs to stand on the right side of history. I’m calling to ask the (Representative) to demand that the Administration stop separating vulnerable families and resettle the 45,000 refugees the U.S. committed to this year."


Over 2,000 children, as young as one year-old, sit in detention facilities without knowing if or when they will be able to see their parents again.  This is just one more action in the attack on vulnerable families.  Last fall, the United States committed to resettle 45,000 refugees. After successive travel bans targeting primarily Muslim nations and the refugee populations originating from those locations, we expect to only see 21,000 refugees actually arrive with admission for Muslim refugees plummeting by over 90% compared to the first half of the last fiscal year. Caught up in this devastating figure are the interpreters and support staff in Iraq who served U.S. missions abroad. 

Your Representatives need to hear from you today — two bills are up for a vote in the House of Representatives on Thursday, and they must be defeated. Both the Rep. Goodlatte and Speaker Ryan bills would do nothing to end family separation and go so far as to curtail critical asylum protections, keep children in jail for longer periods of time, and make it easier to deport more children, among other negative provisions harming immigrants and refugees. Urge your Representative to stand up for family unity and long-standing asylum protections and vote NO on both bills this Thursday.

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