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Webinar: Anti-Trafficking Programs in the US and Europe

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Trafficking in persons — also known as "human trafficking" — is a form of modern-day slavery. Anywhere from 700,000 to 4 million persons worldwide are trafficked across or within national borders every year. The International Rescue Committee’s anti-trafficking programs strive to provide timely, high-quality, comprehensive services to survivors of human trafficking and to improve the community response by providing training to local service providers  and working to enhance collaboration on behalf of survivors of human trafficking. The IRC’s goal is to help survivors build lives for themselves that are free from abuse and exploitation. The IRC launched a new nationwide training and technical assistance project this year called Framework: Tools to Combat Labor Trafficking. In partnership with survivors and other experts, Framework aids service providers and their community partners to identify and provide transformative services to survivors of labor trafficking.  

Join us for 45 minutes to learn about this life changing work.

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