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Get the latest updates and event listings from the International Rescue Committee in Atlanta, GA, and learn how you can help welcome newly arrived refugees.


From refugee to IRC caseworker: Dede’s story

Dede Shimiyimana was resettled by the IRC in Atlanta in 2015, after living with his family in a Ugandan refugee camp for 18 years. Now, Dede is one of our very own resettlement caseworkers, helping other refugees rebuild their lives and thrive, just as he has, here in Atlanta.


Meet Amal, the IRC in Atlanta's Logistics Assistant

Recently, our Logistics Assistant, Amal Abdi, sat down with Olive Minor from IRC Headquarters in New York as part of a staff spotlight series, to discuss her life, interests and role at the IRC in Atlanta.


Safe and secure in Atlanta

In 2006, Kalenga and her husband planned a vacation to a neighboring city in the Democratic Republic of Congo. She kissed her four sons – Adelain, Joshua, Patrick and David – goodbye as they left for their trip, not knowing that it would be four long years before she would hold them in her arms again.


Celebrating one year of Connect to Success

Earlier this month, the IRC in Atlanta celebrated a very successful first year of our innovative Connect to Success Program with an afternoon of inspiring stories, networking and photography.


On-Call Volunteer

The IRC in Atlanta is looking for on-call volunteers in three areas to assist on tasks including interpreting, driving, and donations pick-up


Connect to Success Tutors

Volunteer tutors support refugee youth and young adults as they prepare for standardized tests such as the GED and SAT.


Connect to Success Conversation Partners

Volunteers support refugee youth and young adults as they learn English and adapt to life in the United States.


Professional Mentorship Program

Volunteers help individuals advance their career through work readiness workshops, career counseling, assistance with training program enrollments, and job upgrades.


Resettlement Shop Assistant

Work in this thrift-shop environment helping refugees choose clothing and house wares that they need.


Youth Afterschool Tutor

IRC’s Afterschool Program is designed for refugee and American students in grades 9 to 12. The program provides academic assistance, helps youth transition into their new homes and schools, and builds leadership skills.