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Get the latest updates and event listings from the International Rescue Committee in Atlanta, GA, and learn how you can help welcome newly arrived refugees.


Atlanta community donates so young refugees can see Black Panther

Thanks to an overwhelming and generous response from the community, the IRC in Atlanta’s youth programs were able to take 26 students to see Marvel’s Black Panther on President’s Day. Our young people were thrilled to see heroes who look like them saving the world, as well as starring in, writing and directing a major American movie franchise.


Webinar: Addressing mental health and wellness for refugees in the US

March 22, 2018

Join this webinar briefing to gain insight into the experiences of refugees resettling to the United States and the impact on their mental and emotional health. Guests will hear from IRC staff who are creating unique wellness programs to help refugees flourish in their new country.


A second chance at life

The War in Darfur began in February 2003 and Ibrahim was forced to flee Sudan 10 months later. He sought refuge in Malta, an island in the Mediterranean Sea, where waited for eight years, attending school and learning English, hoping one day he would be able to rebuild his life in a permanent home.


Adult English students connect with Clarkston Library

The IRC in Atlanta’s Adult Education programs recently came together for a field trip to Clarkston Public Library to learn more about this invaluable community resource.


Stand with the banned in Atlanta

Tomorrow marks one year since the Trump Administration released the first travel ban and slammed America’s door on refugees.


Stay at home mom goes back to school

Selamawit came to the Atlanta from Eritrea in June 2013 on a diversity visa, along with her husband and four children.


Family's resilience trumps travel ban

One year ago today, Abdalla and Habibo received the devastating news that their 22-year-old daughter would not be joining them in Atlanta as planned, that her flight had been cancelled, that Somalis had been banned.


A special treat for our single moms

The IRC in Atlanta’s First Things First Women’s Literacy class recently enjoyed a special treat as aspiring makeup artist, Lexi Barragan, kindly came in to give makeovers and makeup lessons to our students.


A refugee’s first Thanksgiving

On Saturday November 18th, IRC in Atlanta staff, refugee clients, volunteers and community supporters gathered at Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church for our 16th Annual Thanksgiving Feast.


New Social Adjustment programming combats food insecurity

The IRC in Atlanta is pleased to introduce the staff of Social Adjustment, our newest case management team! After identifying a need for more long-term case management and support, the IRC in Atlanta welcomed Lebura Nwenu, Jacob Scobey-Polachek and Amal Warsama as Social Adjustment Caseworkers to better meet the needs of refugees and immigrants who have been in the United States for six months or longer.