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Get the latest updates and event listings from the International Rescue Committee in Atlanta, GA, and learn how you can help welcome newly arrived refugees.


Burmese musician finds a new start with the IRC in Atlanta

Facing persecution in his homeland of Burma, single father Mya fled with his children and parents to America after years of living in fear.


Happy Campers at the IRC in Atlanta

Each summer, the IRC in Atlanta’s Youth Futures Summer Camp hosts a special program for middle and high school refugee youth. In keeping with the multi-cultural spirit of the IRC, this year’s theme was “Around the World in 40 Days”.


A Dream Come True in Atlanta

Fatoumata C. had spent her life in Liberia where she was living with her children when violence erupted. Fearing for her children’s lives, she fled to Guinea where she lived for several years with her extended family. Seeking safety and a better life for her and her family she applied for refugee status and in October 2000, they were officially granted permission to resettle in the United States.


Breaking Barriers and Finding Employment in Atlanta

Realizing your dreams is never easy, especially when you're a single parent, and you’ve recently arrived in a country where the language and even the attire feels strange. But for Areej O., the challenge of becoming a licensed pharmacist in America would not deter her from her dreams.


Rohingyan Woman Finds Safety and Growth in Atlanta

The Rohingya people, originating in Burma, are one of the most persecuted minorities in the world. Despite the establishment of generations of Rohingya in Burma, the group has become subject to discriminatory policies and state-sanctioned abuses that have led them to be known as a stateless people. Ambiya, a Rohingyan woman, was forced to flee after the Burmese government revoked her citizenship, seized her property, and a denied services and education.


Reunited at last

Madeleine and her young daughter, Odette, had made a home in the Democratic Republic of Congo when their lives were changed forever.


A family restored

Dilmia R. had built a home for herself and her two young daughters in her native El Salvador when the threat of violence forced her to flee in 2011.


Welcoming Lauren Mertens, English Literacy and Civics Coordinator

The IRC in Atlanta is thrilled to welcome Lauren Mertens, who will be joining the Education and Learning team as the English Literacy and Civics Coordinator in June.


Other ways to get involved in Atlanta

There are many more ways to help refugees in Atlanta.


Spread the word in Atlanta

Want to spread the word about making #RefugeesWelcome and also contribute more? There are many creative ways to accomplish these goals simultaneously.