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Get the latest updates and event listings from the International Rescue Committee in Baltimore, MD, and learn how you can help welcome newly arrived refugees.


VIDEO: A Refugee Mother’s Dream Comes True

A refugee mother finally reunited with her son after a decade apart. This is their story.


Group Helps Refugee High School Girls Adjust to the US

The girls bathe in the sun as they snack on the assorted goodies spread out on the blanket before them: brownies and apple slices, sushi and Chinese rice sweets. The noises of the chirping birds mingle with the soft Korean pop melodies coming from the Bluetooth speakers. While many of them did not know each other a few months ago other than running into each other in the hallway, perhaps exchanging words in a common language, they have clearly become much closer by the end of the 10-week program.


Ali's Story: One of the First Syrian Families Arrives in Baltimore

Like many of the people the IRC serves, Ali never expected to one day find himself and his family in Baltimore. He never expected to enroll his daughters in an American public school, never expected to be learning English.


Back on the Mountain

I look up at the mountain as the kids come down; there’s Ting Ting, laughing as she shreds to a stop, and Sung, wobbling slightly but grinning nonetheless. Daniel coolly coasts up next to me, with a subtle smile of confidence spreading across his face. It has been six weeks and tonight is the last evening of the CHILL snowboarding program.


New IRC Program Helps Political Asylee Buy a Home

When Jules came to Baltimore County from his country in West Africa, he was afraid of the big city next door. Now, thanks to an IRC program, he is a homeowner in that very city. “It’s very mixed, you can see all kinds of people”, Jules says of Baltimore City.


A Mother and Son Are Reunited After Nine Years

One cold night in January, Tha Thang stood waiting nervously in BWI/Thurgood Marshall Airport. It was a night she had hoped would come for nearly a decade. The former refugee from Burma was bundled against the cold and clutched a bouquet of white roses. The waiting under the bright lights of the baggage area was agonizing. Finally, a thin, smiling face appeared from down the hall. It was her fifteen-year-old son she had not seen in more than nine years.


Goodbye to Two Accomplished Staff Members

The International Rescue Committee in Baltimore is fortunate enough to attract staff members both well qualified and dedicated to our mission of helping the displaced from around the world start new lives in Baltimore. This month we are sad to be losing two such staff members, Karine Nankam and Mary Hathaway, who have devoted their energies to ensuring refugees lead healthy, rewarding lives for years to come.


Never Too Old for Citizenship

The first time Mr. Emad AlSharif came to my office he made quite an impression. At the age of 84, he is tall and lean with a shock of white hair on either side of his head. He walks slowly with a gentle dignity and he entered my office wearing a hat, suit and tie and sunglasses. Before sitting down, he handed me his “business card” – a card with his name and home address printed in calligraphy on beautiful, cream paper. “I am Mr. Emad AlSharif,” he said in near-perfect English, “and I would like to apply for my US Citizenship.”