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Get the latest updates and event listings from the International Rescue Committee in Boise, ID, and learn how you can help welcome newly arrived refugees.


Empowering job-seekers one laptop at a time

Through an enduring partnership with the City of Boise, the IRC in Boise empowers newly-arrived refugee clients to engage in their own job search and achieve self-sufficiency.


Childcare Lead

Help watch kiddos while their parents take a mandatory cultural orientation class!


Filing Assistant

Ensure our files are accurate and organized!


Computer Literacy Assistant

Help distribute laptops and provide training on computer use and systems education.


Immigration Assistant - Volunteer Position

Provide assistance to individuals seeking immigration services (green card applicants, citizenship applications, etc.) under the guidance of a BIA accredited representative.


Career Programs Debuts Pre-Apprenticeship Collaboration

Twelve students compose the inaugural class of the IRC in Boise's collaborative Environmental Services Pre-Apprenticeship program, receiving the vocational English and job skills training necessary for their success in this medical field.


Fall RISE Together Swim Program!

RISE Together helps refugee youth learn basic water survival skills and helps connect them to ongoing swim lessons. Help with the fall cohort by accompanying youth to and supervising youth at swim lessons, and help transport youth home after.


Congratulations to our newest US citizens!

The IRC in Boise's Immigration team works tirelessly to help refugees and immigrants achieve protected immigration status, while proudly celebrating our newest US citizens.


Wylie Update

The IRC in Boise remains grateful to the Boise community for their ongoing support and compassion towards the refugee families affected in the attack at the Wylie St. Station Apartment Complex. Here is an update on the assistance provided.


Summer RISE Swim Program Expands

The RISE Together Swim Program has concluded its first year with a very successful series of summer lessons.