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Get the latest updates and event listings from the International Rescue Committee in Dallas, TX, and learn how you can help welcome newly arrived refugees.


Advancing Youth Voices

Since January 2018 the IRC in Dallas has been on a journey to create a space for refugee youth to share their thoughts, experiences, and interests.


Education: My Escape, My Future

After being reunited with her mother in Dallas in 2013, Rahmo Bare was determined to write her own story. In 2019, she joined the IRC in Dallas as the Dallas Mayor's Intern Fellow.


Save the Date: North Texas Giving Day

North Texas Giving Day is on September 19th. Learn how you can be involved and support families in North Texas!


Safe Spaces Through Food and Agriculture: Youth Food Justice

The Youth Food Justice program with the International Rescue Committee in Dallas provided eight teens the chance to explore creativity and job readiness skills through food and agriculture.


An Hour in Mogadishu

Less than six years after arriving to the United States from Somalia, Rahmo Bare is the 2019 Dallas Mayor's Intern at the IRC.


Afghan refugee gets dream job in Dallas

In March of 2016, a young man and his family arrived in Dallas, Texas from Afghanistan. This month, he landed his dream job as a welder.


Dallas refugee obtains US citizenship

In 2002, a Sudanese man and his family made the journey to Dallas, Texas. Today, we stand with him as he celebrates his newly appointed status as a citizen of the United States.


IRC in Dallas celebrates World Refugee Day

On June 22, the Dallas community celebrated World Refugee Day!


'I Am Not A Weapon' Exhibition in Dallas

On June 20th, the IRC in Dallas and GenR: Dallas hosted the 4th Annual Force For Change featuring the 'I Am Not A Weapon' Exhibition.


Robing Ceremony Honors Fifteen Refugee Students

The IRC in Dallas honored fifteen students at the 3rd annual Graduation Dinner & Robing Ceremony.