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Get the latest updates and event listings from the International Rescue Committee in Los Angeles, CA, and learn how you can help welcome newly arrived refugees.


Join us on Oct. 7th to learn about IRC's Afghanistan Emergency Response in the US

You are invited to a webinar on Oct. 7th to learn about IRC's Afghanistan Emergency Response in the US.


IRC Los Angeles' Emergency Response Fund for Afghan Refugees

Housing remains one of the most urgent needs in resettling Afghan SIVs in Southern California. The Emergency Housing Fund will directly support recently arrived refugees with emergency housing and rental support. Help us welcome our new neighbors and donate today.


How to help our Afghan neighbors in Los Angeles

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) in Los Angeles is working alongside communities and partners to support Afghans living in Southern California and ensure a warm welcome for those families soon to arrive in the coming weeks and months. Here are four ways you can help.


Fighting hunger among newcomers in the United States

High rates of unemployment and Covid-19 infection among New American community members has contributed heavily to lack of stable access to adequate amounts of nutritious food . Refugees and immigrants have been some of the hardest hit populations in the country, disproportionately experiencing food and nutritional insecurity due to their high rates of employment in “gig economy” and other job sectors like food, hotel, and health which have been heavily impacted by the pandemic. Help new American communities combat hunger with a gift to IRC's food security programs in the U.S.


Graphic Design Volunteer or Intern

The Graphic Design Volunteer or Intern will assist the Community Relations Coordinator in creating visually appealing graphics and social media content to highlight the work of the IRC.


ESL Volunteer or Intern

The ESL Volunteer or Intern will assist our ESL & Civics Instructor in providing English as a Second Language instruction and assistance to refugees and immigrants in the community.


Apartment Set-Up Volunteer

This position is responsible for helping provide a warm welcome to newly arrived refugees by assisting caseworkers with the set-up of new apartments and homes for families.


In-Kind Donations Volunteer or Intern

The In-Kind Donations Volunteer or Intern will support the Reception and Placement and Community Relations team in providing in-kind donation support to help ensure newly arrived refugees have everything they need in their new homes.


High School Opportunities

Help support newly arrived refugees in your community by providing them with the resources, advocacy, and support necessary to thrive.


Early Employment Intern

The Early Employment Intern will assist the Reception and Placement team with helping newly arrived refugees thrive in Los Angeles through economic empowerment.