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News from Midland, TX

Get the latest updates and event listings from the International Rescue Committee in Midland, TX, and learn how you can help welcome newly arrived refugees.


Take Action: Tell Congress To Fight For Refugees

Please stand with us and urge your elected officials to fight for refugees.


The making of a mosaic: empowering a refugee artist in Dallas

Akeel’s art mixes darkness and light to reflect the struggle and hope of the refugee experience. But there is more. As Akeel puts it, he wants his art to communicate that “the Iraqi people love peace, art, and liberty, not war.”


Thank you, Sheraton Dallas!

The IRC in Dallas was thrilled to have three Sheraton Dallas Human Resources staff members present to our clients and help with interviewing preparation during the second day of Job Readiness Training.


Arab women's support group

Recently, the refugee women who participate in the IRC in Dallas’ “Arab Women’s Support Group” received certificates for completing their support group sessions!


Other ways to get involved in Midland

There are many ways to get involved in IRC's work in Midland.


Spread the word in Midland

Want to spread the word about making #RefugeesWelcome and also contribute more? There are various, creative ways to accomplish these goals simultaneously.


Items needed for refugees in Midland

The IRC in Midland is committed to bringing our refugee clients from harm to home.  As a part of that commitment, we provide them with necessities – such as clothing and household items – they will need to start rebuilding their lives here.  To do this, the IRC relies on donated items from community partners that are passed into the hands of our clients free of charge either through our Resettlement Shop or as part of an initial apartment setup.


Internship opportunities in Midland

The IRC’s Midland office offers a variety of unpaid internship opportunities throughout the year.


How to volunteer in Midland

Have you ever considered volunteering cross-culturally but are not in a position to travel abroad? Then consider volunteering with the IRC in Abilene. Volunteer opportunities are broad and provide an enriching, international experience in Midland.


How to donate to Midland

Private donations contribute greatly to the success of the IRC's work. Although we receive state and federal funding for initial resettlement and employment services, the assistance we provide to refugee families beyond their first few months in the U.S. would not be possible without community support.