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News from Sacramento, CA

Get the latest updates and event listings from the International Rescue Committee in Sacramento, CA, and learn how you can help welcome newly arrived refugees.


From Farm to Home

New Roots marketing Specialist, and refugee from Bhutan, Ram, reflects on a passion for health in his new home.


Do-it-yourself fundraising

Support local refugee resettlement by hosting your own fundraiser.


Success Story: From Refugee to Caseworker

Overcoming the obstacles of resettling in a new country and creating a life for herself, Feroza exemplifies all that can be achieved by refugees as they make Sacramento their home. She says, "Trust yourself and motivate yourself. If I can do it, so can you."


Landing the Dream Job

An Afghan SIV client reflects on his success gained through the IRC's Career Pathways program in Sacramento.


The IRC in Sacramento Invites You To: 8 Borders, 8 Days

February 8, 2018

The IRC in Sacramento invites you to a screening of 8 Borders, 8 Days, a 60-minute feature documentary following their story. It portrays the intimate details of why a fierce, resourceful mother is willing to risk her children’s lives for a better future and an immersive experience of their eight-day journey to safety.


Donations & logistics volunteer

Coordinate and collect donations to help our families settle into their first homes!


Khalid, Halit, Kal-leed

How many people do you know with three names?  Probably none. Well, now you do…


Become an Adopt-a-Family sponsor!

Support our efforts to provide much needed items and gifts to newly arrived refugee families and individuals this holiday season!


Sacramento Internship Opportunities

Current university students and recent graduates, apply your skills, gain hands-on experience, and impact lives.


Occasional Volunteer

One time support for specific projects, programs, and Saturday workshops!