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Get the latest updates and event listings from the International Rescue Committee in San Jose, CA, and learn how you can help welcome newly arrived refugees.


GenR: Bay Area Force For Change Event

MARK YOUR CALENDARS for the GenR: Bay Area Force For Change Event! 


Youth Activities Volunteer

Provide childwatch services for our clients during our classes and workshops.


Vocational English Volunteer

Help clients strengthen their English skills to help them secure their first job.


Digital Literacy Instructor

Digital Literacy instructors are responsible for teaching weekly classes on a range of digital literacy topics such as Microsoft Office, email writing, smartphone use, and typing. Classes vary based on client need.


Financial Literacy Instructor

Financial Literacy instructors teach classes and workshops on financial topics to groups of refugees, including topics in credit, banking, loans, car purchasing, and others.


Financial Coach Volunteer

Provide one-on-one financial goal-setting support to clients.


Professional Mentor Volunteer

Provide guidance to refugees, ayslees, and immigrants to advance their careers in the United States.


Job Club Volunteer

Work one-on-one with clients to help them obtain gainful employment.


Donation Outreach Volunteer

Help meet donation needs for recently arrived refugees, asylees, and victims of human trafficking.


HOME Team Volunteers

Help families get a great start to their new lives here in San Jose. Teams will support families by fundraising for housing subsidy, setting up their new home, and connecting them to new community resources.