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Get the latest updates and event listings from the International Rescue Committee in Wichita, KS, and learn how you can help welcome newly arrived refugees.


Community fulfills holiday wish lists for refugees in Kansas

More than 50 families, friends, church and civic groups came together to gather items refugee families prioritized on their wish lists, such as vacuums, televisions, and household items for over 55 newly arrived refugee families and individuals. More than $20,000 worth of in-kind donations were collected and distributed during the month of December to these families.


HOME teams needed

The HOME Program pairs community and/or faith-based groups directly with refugee families resettled by the IRC in Wichita. In collaboration with the IRC, HOME teams assist the Wichita team to complete home set-ups, provide targeted financial assistance and offer ongoing mentorship to a refugee family for six months. 


Women's Empowerment Intern

The Gender Equity & Women’s Empowerment intern will develop and lead workshops to promote women’s health and economic empowerment and encourage individuals to become self-sufficient, engagement members of the community. This position will also advocate for clients rights and needs.  S/he may also help with administrative tasks. Must be comfortable working with clients from a variety of backgrounds.


2019: A look back

We accomplished some pretty amazing things in 2019 thanks to your support. We look forward to an even greater 2020!


Digital Literacy Internship

The Digital Literacy Intern will develop digital literacy curriculum for people of all abilities by incorporating a variety of technologies into instruction. This intern will work with Adult Education instructors and Employment Caseworkers to plan lessons that integrate components of ESL, child development and computer skills. S/he may also help with administrative tasks. Must be comfortable working with clients from a variety of backgrounds.


Refugee Resettlement: Attaining self-sufficiency

Part two in a three-part series, these deep dives better explain the process of refugee resettlement in Kansas. In December, we covered the basics of who refugees are and initial resettlement in the U.S. This month, the focus is on refugee resettlement in Kansas during the first 24 months after arrival, including the efforts of the International Rescue Committee (IRC) in Kansas to help families positively integrate and thrive in their new community.


Case management intern

Interns will support the Caseworker by providing valuable services to clients based on need. Interns will collaborate with the caseworker to establish and develop programs, and leading group classes with clients. S/he may also help with administrative tasks. Must be comfortable working with clients in emotional situations.


Refugee Resettlement: Pre-arrival and the first 90 days

We are going to take a deep dive into the process of refugee resettlement at the International Rescue Committee (IRC) in Wichita. This month, we’ll focus on the basics of initial resettlement, including the process a refugee must undergo to be considered for resettlement in the U.S. and the days leading up to their arrival through the eyes of IRC staff and volunteers in Wichita.


Refugee Advocate - ICM

Assist clients in accessing appointments and help them to navigate various community resources. Volunteers must be comfortable working with clients in emotional situations and with advocating for clients as they navigate locating resources to meet their needs.


Housing Specialist

Help the IRC's case worker submit housing applications, organize and schedule appointments to view houses, and case-note meetings,. Assist with outreach to new landlords and strengthening relationships with current landlords. Home visits to train families on household maintenance and cleaning. Reports to a case worker.