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Get the latest updates and event listings from the International Rescue Committee in Denver, CO, and learn how you can help welcome newly arrived refugees.


How One Landlord is Making a Difference for IRC Clients in Denver

“These families have to start from square one. Helping make sure their basic needs are met is just the right thing to do. We take a lot for granted and this is one way I can do my part.”


From Aleppo to Istanbul to Denver: “We had to get out for our children.”

For two years, a mother and her children huddled inside their dark home, only venturing out when it was absolutely necessary. And when they did, it was dangerous. Planes flew overhead, barrel bombs and missiles rained down, and snipers took shots from inside ruined buildings as those who were left scurried past the piles of rubble where homes, schools, offices and shops once stood.


ESL enrollment mentor

ESL is one of the most important services refugees need to achieve self-sufficiency. This volunteer position would be working with newly arrived refugees within the first two weeks of their arrival to help them navigate their English classes. The ESL mentor will pick clients up from their home and drive them to their English classes to register.


Digital literacy mentor

The digital literacy mentor program will match volunteers with IRC Denver clients with the goal of improving basic computer literacy skills and providing mentors to youth and families to help them excel.


Employment mentor

Work one-on-one with clients as they search for jobs, build resumes and practice for job interviews.


Internship opportunities at the IRC in Denver

The IRC in Denver is excited to share our winter internship opportunities. Over the past year--with the help of interns and volunteers--the IRC in Denver was able to welcome 240 refugees from 10 different countries and assist them as they rebuild their lives here in Colorado. Our internship positions are an opportunity to gain hands-on experience and learn about the scope of services and programs that help refugees feel safe and welcome in their new community as they regain control of their lives.


English language tutor

Work one-on-one with a client to help provide supplemental English language training.


Public transportation trainer

Help newly arrived refugees learn to navigate public transportation and get to and from classes, appointments and other important meetings.


New program in Denver helps refugees navigate the U.S. healthcare system

The IRC in Denver recently received a grant from the Colorado Health Foundation for a new, one-year, health insurance literacy pilot project titled, “Engaging Refugees in Their Health Coverage Options.”


Colorado woman helps open hearts, minds and doors for refugee families

When Airbnb announced their commitment to provide free temporary housing to refugees, Susan and her family didn’t hesitate to open up their property, because to them, it was the right thing to do. They immediately opened their doors and their hearts too.