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White House refugee ban

Emergency Appeal: Help refugees in the U.S. now

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) today announced its first-ever emergency appeal focused exclusively on aiding refugees already in the United States and supporting the critical services the IRC provides to ensure the newest Americans – most of whom are women and children – can reclaim their lives.

The $5 million initial appeal will cover anticipated funding gaps tied to the Trump Administration’s executive order banning all refugee arrivals for 120 days, and Syrian refugees indefinitely. This emergency funding will support those who look to the IRC’s 29 offices across the U.S. for necessary and immediate aid on arrival and beyond—including housing, cultural orientation, health care, education, employment, and immigration services. Contributions will also support the work of IRC’s dedicated field teams who are crucial to ensuring clients are provided with a solid foundation so they can build on it and successfully integrate into American society. 

Founded in 1933, the IRC is unique as it supports both refugees in conflict zones across the world, as well as refugees resettling in cities across the U.S. The IRC urges donors to help those who have arrived in the U.S. looking to begin anew and contribute to their communities.

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