The Russia-Ukraine conflict has uprooted millions of people from their homes in the fastest and largest displacement crisis this century. Here are links to information from the International Rescue Committee (IRC) on the ongoing crisis. The IRC and our partners are responding inside Ukraine and in neighboring Poland, the country currently welcoming the most Ukrainian refugees seeking safety.

Actions to take

Overview - How can I help Ukraine?

How to help refugees from Ukraine.

In the U.S.: Tell the White House to welcome refugees

In the U.K.: Call on the U.K. government to welcome refugees fleeing Ukraine

Attacks on health facilities

Immediate and long-term impacts of the attacks on hospitals, ambulances and health workers.


Donate to support the IRC’s work

Donation of goods

The IRC is not able to accept donations of physical goods or clothing for our international crisis response programs. This is due to the high cost of shipping, customs regulations, and the inability to ensure consistency of quality, and labor of sorting and distribution. Instead, our response teams procure needed items locally, which enhances the local economy and ensures products are available and appropriate for the emergency setting. If you are interested in donating your product to refugees and asylum seekers who are rebuilding their lives in the United States, many of our 25 US office locations may be able to accept them.

Evacuation from Ukraine

IRC Ukraine crisis resource FAQ

Health crises in Ukraine

5 health crises that endanger Ukrainian lives as the war continues

Humanitarian situation inside Ukraine

What people in besieged Ukrainian cities need

IRC response

How the IRC and our partners are responding to the Ukraine crisis

Jobs in the humanitarian response

For the moment, the IRC’s Ukraine emergency response roster is pulling from existing, trained staff, but this may change as the situation develops. From time to time, we do hire short-term staff to deploy in response to crises. We invite you to check back in at for relevant positions in Europe.


Ukraine crisis topic page

IRC emergency team updates on Twitter

Refugee response

What is a refugee?

Ukraine refugee situation data portal (UNHCR)

Policy brief: what the EU must do to ensure a humane and effective refugee response

Refugees in Poland

In their own words: Refugees flee Ukraine

IRC staff notes from Poland

Support for people displaced from their homes in Ukraine

IRC Ukraine crisis resource FAQ

Temporary Protected Status for Ukrainians

Temporary Protected Status (TPS) is a critical protection tool used to safeguard foreign nationals residing in the United States from deportation when conditions in their home countries make it unsafe for return. The Biden Administration announced that it would designate TPS for Ukrainians residing in the U.S. The move could protect approximately 75,000 Ukrainians.


At this time, the IRC is not able to deploy volunteers in a crisis setting due to the high risk and uncertain context.

Wider impacts of the conflict

3 ways the Ukraine conflict will drive up hunger in other crisis zones