As Russia orders its first mobilisation of at least 300,000 reservist troops since World War II, the International Rescue Committee warns that further escalation of the conflict will see humanitarian needs  soar and displacement rise. 

Marysia Zapasnik, IRC Ukraine Director, said,

“Russia’s move to mobilise additional armed forces sets the conflict on a fresh and dangerous path. A further escalation in fighting is a grave concern for the Ukrainian people - both inside the country and for those who have left. In the last seven months, Ukraine has faced a desperate spiral into humanitarian catastrophe; almost 18 million people are in need of shelter, food and healthcare and the future looks bleak as winter closes in and conditions worsen. Meanwhile, displacement could soar as more people attempt to leave the country to seek safety in neighbouring countries.

“The consequences of the conflict will be longlasting: if the war deepens and protracts further, Ukraine’s population could face poverty and the vulnerabilities that come with it for years to come. The only solution is an immediate ceasefire, and today’s announcement from Russia, which comes as global leaders meet in New York for the UN General Assembly, is a critical moment for the international community to unite and demand an end to the violence.”

The IRC launched an emergency response to the Ukraine Crisis in February 2022 and has been working directly and with local partners to reach those most in need. We are in Poland, Ukraine and Moldova, delivering vital services such as cash assistance, mental health support, and safe healing and learning spaces for children.