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Free Citizenship Fair

Event date: December 9, 2017
Time: 10am - 6pm PST

After overcoming many challenges before and after their arrival in the U.S., refugees look forward to the life-changing milestone of naturalization. The International Rescue Committee aims to create a straightforward process to assist many refugees achieve their goal of naturalization.  One of the International Rescue Committee’s upcoming events is the Citizenship Fair. The purpose of this event is to help eligible permanent U.S. residents with the process of naturalization. Immigration and citizenship have been two of the primary goals of Tucson’s Mayor Jonathan Rothschild’s citizenship campaign. The International Rescue Committee is proud to partner with both Mayor Rothschild and Cities for Citizenship to create this event. Other event partners include Oportun: Loans for a Better Future, the law office of Alan G. Bennett, the YWCA of Southern Arizona, and AZ AipaVote. 

The Citizenship Fair will be held on Saturday, December 9th from 9am-5pm at YWCA Southern Arizona. 

• Services provided include step-by-step instructions for completing the naturalization process. 

• The Citizenship Fair offers assistance with forms such as: the G28 form, a fee waiver if eligible, the N400 form, as well as determining if a participant is eligible for financial assistance.

• Applicants must be screened via phone call prior to the event. To reserve your spot, please contact Mariel Bustamante at 520-319-2128 ext. 131, or at mariel.bustamante [at] rescue.org

• If you have already signed up, documents you will need to bring to the fair include: your green card; your social security card; your Driver’s License or State ID Card; a list of places you have lived/worked for the past 5 years; a list of places you have traveled during the past 5 years, including: month, day, and country of destination; and a friend or family member to translate questions into English, if necessary. 

The IRC aspires to support as many refugees as possible in their endeavor to establish citizenship. Senada Kadich, IRC Tucson’s Senior Program Manager for Direct Services, speaks of her experience with refugees who have shown massive growth while in the Tucson community: “They come back after 5 years and you’re surprised at how much they’ve achieved. I feel very proud.” Senada is passionate about her work in the immigration department of the IRC because she meets clients when they first come to the United States, then when she sees them again in the future she is always amazed at their growth. One of Senada’s goals for the immigration department is expansion and to become a leader for immigration services in Tucson. 

Authored by Jacqui Marzocca

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