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Our Impact

In 2016, more than

26 million

people benefited from the International Rescue Committee's programs and those of our partner organizations.

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Our work at a glance

Last year, the number of people displaced by conflict around the globe surpassed 65 million. In Syria alone, six years of war has driven 13.5 million from their homes, nearly 5 million of whom have fled to neighboring countries. Persecution and natural disaster have uprooted millions more in Nigeria, South Sudan, Afghanistan, Yemen and elsewhere. Much of this global homeless population will spend years in exile. Most will never return home. Instead they will rebuild their lives as best they can in foreign cities, towns and villages alongside local populations.

Wherever they resettle, the IRC is there to help. We provide vital aid that makes an immediate difference in the lives of the most vulnerable. We also provide economic support, education and skills training that help refugees not just survive but to recover and thrive. And we work to unite refugees, displaced people and their host communities so both may prosper.

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