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Press Release

IRC statement on the FY18 budget: drastic cuts to foreign aid & refugee resettlement proposed by White House

Today, the Trump Administration put forward its 2018 budget request, proposing drastic cuts to critical humanitarian assistance, development aid, and refugee resettlement that saves lives and creates a safer, more secure world - as well as safeguarding American interests.

The FY18 Budget plans a 30% cut to the International Affairs budget, including a 46% cut to development assistance, a 26% cut to global health programs, and a stunning 45% cut to life-saving humanitarian assistance – including the zeroing out of food aid - proposed during a famine threatening the lives of 30 million across Africa and Yemen. It would also cut by 31% the programs that help refugees begin new lives here in the United States. If enacted at these levels, the Budget request would not only have devastating consequences for the IRC’s programs around the world, it would imperil the course of development and economic growth worldwide, as well as exacerbating the very global threats and challenges that require US leadership more than ever. Together with its intent to resettle a mere 50,000 refugees in FY2018, the administration continues to abdicate US global leadership in humanitarian response, with life and death consequences.

Nazanin Ash, VP of Global Policy & Advocacy at the IRC said: ‘The cuts to foreign aid proposed by the Administration endanger millions of lives around the world - as well as American global leadership. With 65 million displaced around the world, a sweeping global famine affecting 30 million people, rising insecurity and disease outbreaks, forward-leaning foreign aid is of indispensable importance. The IRC calls on Congress to protect and support the International Affairs budget at no less than $60 billion for FY18 and to increase refugee resettlement to at least 75,000, strengthening US foreign policy, maintaining a critical lifeline to millions and protecting global safety and security in the face of urgent global challenges.’

About the IRC

The International Rescue Committee responds to the world’s worst humanitarian crises, helping to restore health, safety, education, economic wellbeing, and power to people devastated by conflict and disaster. Founded in 1933 at the call of Albert Einstein, the IRC is at work in over 40 countries and 28 offices across the U.S. helping people to survive, reclaim control of their future, and strengthen their communities. Learn more at www.rescue.org and follow the IRC on Twitter & Facebook.