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Community Garden Assistance

Start date: Ongoing
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Refugees and their children work in the community garden. Photo: IRC

The IRC's Nutrition and Food Security Program connects refugee families to community gardening activities. Particpation helps refugee families learn agricultural skills, connect with the local Tucson community and have increased access to nutrituous, healthy produce. Volunteers assist refugee families apply their agricultural skills and maintain garden plots.

Activities include:

  • Assist refugee farmers maintain their garden plots
  • Educate farmers on farming techniques suitable for growing produce in the desert 
  • Assist farmers on the proper use of gardening tools

 Requirements: Able to work outdoors and in a limited-English environment. Must be able to do some lifting and engage in physical activities. 
Minimum Commitment: 2 hours/ week for 4 months; schedule is set by the Nutrition and Food Security Coordinator.