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Family Mentor Volunteer (On Hold)

Start date: Ongoing
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About the Role: Family mentors work with a refugee family or individual to ease their transition to the Baltimore region and the United States. Mentors will focus on practicing English, socialization activities, and integration to the local community. This opportunity is highly interactive, client-focused, and adapted to meet each client's interests. Participating clients have generally lived in the Baltimore area for at least six months.The initial meeting is facilitated by IRC, with an interpreter if needed. During COVID-19, initial meetings take place during one of the group Zoom sessions.

Skills & Qualifications: The family mentor must have a strong internal drive to support humanitarian immigrants and display a positive and upbeat demeanor. Experience working in a multicultural setting or with English language learners is preferred, but not required. Mentors should display creativity and initiative to support the self-suffiency and integration of clients, and be able to work independently. 

Location: all family mentorships are currently remote due to COVID-19 safety protocol. 

Time Commitment: This position requires a commitment of 2-4 hours per week for six months. Mentors and mentees also participate in at least two group sessions with other current family mentor program participants. These group sessions are a great way to connect with other volunteer mentors.

How to Apply: the first step is to attend one of our monthly information sessions. RSVP here. Prospective mentors are also required to attend a special family mentor training and complete background and reference checks. Each matched individual or group is also asked to make a one time $600 donation to the IRC, which helps support the costs of the program. 

We are not currently recruiting family mentors, but anticipate resuming new mentor matches in the late fall or winter of 2021.

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