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Remote Internship Opportunities

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the IRC in Sacramento is working remotely until further notice. The physical IRC office is not accessible for clients/partners/staff during this time, however, we are continuing to provide client services remotely and with the support of virtual volunteers. The following opportunities will support the IRC in Sacramento and our relief efforts.



Hours per week: Summer Cohort - 20 hours per week for 12 weeks to meet the 240 hour minimum commitment, during IRC’s regular business hours of 9 am – 5 pm, Monday – Friday. Weekly hour requirement is dependent on intern and supervisor schedules and can vary from 15 - 40 hours per week.

Duration: 3-6 months depending on weekly hour commitment, total requirement is 240 hours

IRC is committed to working with student schedules. As such, we are flexible with accommodating time off for midterms and school holidays, and altering time availability with changing class schedules. All internships with the IRC are unpaid and part-time.



IRC Internships are available to current and recently graduated undergraduate or graduate students looking to apply their skills, gain real-world experience and impact lives.

Prospective interns must go through the application process and should be currently enrolled in an educational institution or a recent graduate. Our office is a fast-paced environment that is successful due to both the personal initiative of individual staff members and the team-like mentality of the entire organization.

The ideal intern candidate will be able to complete their daily responsibilities, to solve problems with minimal supervision, and to provide support as needed to the overall team. Interns work alongside staff to provide direct services. All leave their internship with transferable skills that can help launch a career within the nonprofit sector. 

Candidates must have the following qualities:

  • Reliable with strong attention to timeliness
  • Excellent communication skills (both intercultural, interpersonal, and with supervisors)
  • Possess a great attention to detail
  • Organized and able to multi-task 
  • Have a strong sense of personal initiative
  • Digital fluency with proficiency in Microsoft Office and social media networks
  • Able to work with a team and independently in a fast-paced setting
  • Minimum of 1 year completed undergraduate experience


Our Summer 2021 Cohort (June - August) recruitment window is OPEN!

Apply today for priority consideration. Applications will be accepted through April 9th and placements for the summer will be confirmed by the middle of May.

Check out some of our placements for the summer below!


Anti Trafficking 

Human Trafficking Outreach, Prevention, and Education (HOPE) Internship Service Description 
The HOPE (Human trafficking Outreach, Prevention, and Education) program is funded through the Department of Justice Office for Victims of Crimes to identify and serve foreign victims of human trafficking. Through trauma-informed, client-centered, intensive case management and financial direct assistance, survivors of labor and sex trafficking are supported on their path to safety, security, and self-sufficiency. IRC supports clients in accessing safe and affordable housing, all-encompassing medical care, and access to necessary social services, school enrollment for children, ESL enrollment for adults, legal aid, and more.  

Training and Outreach (HOPE) Internship Service Description 
The HOPE (Human trafficking Outreach, Prevention, and Education) program identifies and serves foreign victims of human trafficking. IRC personnel conduct intake interviews to ensure that clients qualify to be enrolled in program. They also secure housing, food, and clothing, and assist clients in procuring services. The anti-human trafficking department orients clients to their new environment, and aids them in learning how to navigate systems in the United States so they can become self-sufficient. They also assist in physical and mental health services, safety planning, and police investigations, when necessary. The IRC provides up to 1 year of financial support and other assistance to ensure clients have: safe and affordable housing, all-encompassing medical care, access to necessary social services, school enrollment for children, ESL enrollment for adults, legal aid, and more. 

Economic Empowerment 

Adult Education Vocational English as a Second Language (VESL) Internship Service Description 
The IRC provides Vocational ESL, Job Readiness Training, and Employment Services courses to help students build their English language capabilities, work readiness skills, and search for employment. Interns will work with their supervisor to choose tasks that fit their skills and desires to learn. Interns assist in all aspects of the VESL/ES courses.  

Youth RISE Tutor Internship Service Description 
The IRC’s Young Adult RISE program provides clients (16-24 years of age) with education, training, and support that results in enrollment in post-secondary education and/or employment within the fields of Healthcare and Administrative and Public Services. This intern tutor position will support RISE students, who are receiving instruction below the postsecondary education level, to achieve the following: increase at least one educational functioning level (EFL) in basic skills (math and English) and/or to attain a secondary school diploma (HSD) or its recognized equivalent (HSE).  This internship position may also support students to complete education or training programs that lead to a recognized trade-related benchmark (such as knowledge-based exams and credentials).  

Job Development Internship Service Description 
This intern position will support both the Economic Empowerment team and Employment program. The position assists in addressing the unique barriers faced by refugees and immigrants seeking employment. Duties will include connecting clients with appropriate resources to secure early employment and establish self-sufficiency.  

Career Pathways Internship Service Description 
The IRC’s Career Pathways program assists clients to obtain professional jobs within the fields of Healthcare, Administration, Finance, Security, Construction/Engineering, IT, and Transportation. The position will assist in implementing IRC career training, connecting clients with technical off-site career training, and assisting the Career Development staff in ensuring that participants secure professional employment. Position could support general responsibilities, advanced career training, and generalist roles depending on program needs and placement strengths.  

Refugee Empowerment Internship Service Description 
For IRC clients to become fully self-sufficient, they must be taught how to obtain successful employment as well as financial literacy. Refugee Empowerment Interns work alongside Employment Specialists to help our clients reach self-sufficiency. Interns assist with core services including resume development, interview preparation, searching for and applying for jobs, transportation support, and other case management related tasks. 

Refugee Resettlement 

Refugee Resettlement Internship Service Description 
The Resettlement team is the first point of contact for newly arrived refugees and offers support, guidance and counseling though all stages of resettlement. This intern works side by side with caseworkers to provide initial services to orient refugees to life in the U.S., including (but not limited to) scheduling health appointments, applying for Social Security and California ID cards, and linking refugees to internal and mainstream services. 

Housing & Logistics Internship Service Description 
Meeting refugees’ housing needs is a critical part of their resettlement process in the United States. Refugees’ housing situations affect their ability to be employed, their access to public services, and integration with the community. The Intern will support the Case Workers in planning and delivering essential housing program activities, including outreach, home visits and workshops for refugee and asylee clients. 

Cultural Orientation 

Cultural Orientation Internship Service Description 
All newly arrived refugees to IRC Sacramento attend a series of Cultural Orientation (CO) classes. The CO Intern will be responsible for the logistics of CO classes, class facilitation, and public transportation field training as instructed by the CO Coordinator each week. CO classes are targeted to adult refugees and class size or composition will vary. Additionally, the Cultural Orientation Intern will assist the CO Coordinator to develop evaluation tools for all CO classes, including public transit trainings and/or additional relevant trainings based on population needs. 

Financial Empowerment Center (FEC) 

Financial Education Internship Service Description 
Assist in the implementation of a multi-faceted program to expose newly arrived refugees and immigrants to basic financial literacy skills and develop economic self-sufficiency. Also, assist in launching Sacramento’s new Financial Empowerment Center (FEC) led by IRC Sacramento. The FEC will offer free professional one-on-one financial counseling and coaching to residents. The financial capability program at IRC provides comprehensive in-house financial education classes, personalized financial coaching, free tax preparation, and micro-financing loans for clients seeking to improve their financial capability skills.  

New Roots Gardens & Farm 

As clients arrive in the US they are interested in finding a place to connect to the land, grow food for their families, and maintain their food culture. Clients are also surrounded by foods with which they are unfamiliar, and also many options that can lead to diet related disease. Unfortunately, many of the unhealthy options also tend to be cheaper and easier to access than healthy and whole options. The New Roots program works with IRC clients in two main areas: 1) Food Secure Resettlement (FSR) and 2) community gardening. Our goal in the youth programming is to engage newcomer youth in garden and nutrition education, as well as facilitate food and farming knowledge transfer and relationship building with the elder generation. 

New Roots Farm and Maintenance Internship Service Description 
The New Roots program operates a five-acre urban farm in West Sacramento, on which 25-30 farm program participants grow crops for sale and for household consumption. The farm requires a high level of maintenance to ensure participants can be successful; the New Roots Farm and Maintenance Intern will support staff with the successful operation of the farm. In addition, the IRC helps to manage three community gardens in Sacramento which require regular support and maintenance. 



Ready to get the process started? Click here to complete an online application. We'll reach out to applicants if opportunities arise or contact you once the summer placements are confirmed. 

Components of a completed application:

Complete the online application, including required and optional fields

Upload a single PDF including: 1) Resume and 2) Cover letter stating your desired position, availability and motivation for applying. Please tailor your cover letter(s) to reflect your interest in a particular position(s). Cover letters should clearly state your time availability, which includes a) a specific projected start and end date, b) the number of hours you are available each week, and c) the days and times in which you are available (which should match the hours you list on the application).

After you have submitted a completed application, qualified applicants will be contacted by the Volunteer Coordination Team to schedule a screening interview. If the candidate advances past the screening interview then they will be invited by program staff for an interview.  All positions are unpaid and initial offers are contingent on background check results ($40 contribution for background check required upon accepting initial internship offer).


Please reach out to volunteersacramento [at] rescue.org with any questions.