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"Walk a Mile in a Refugee's Shoes" Volunteer - Planning Committee

Start date: Ongoing

The Tucson IRC is looking for volunteers to help coordinate the “Walk a Mile in a Refugee’s Shoes” event. The purpose of the event is to educate the community and provide insight into the lives of refugees around the world.  The simulation exercise will provide participants an opportunity to go through various stations that simulate the refugee experience and provide insight into the hardships, the frustrations, and often the pain that refugees endure. The event will be hosted in the garden are at the Tucson Jewish Community Center on Sunday, March 18th, 2018.

We are looking for volunteers to join our Planning Committee who have experience in the following:

Logistics – Experience in event planning, creating itineraries, and assisting w/ setup & takedown, providing technical assistance & support to other Sub-committees.

Communication & Outreach - Assists with social media campaign, printing & disbursing flyers about event, contacting news media outlets.

Sponsorships & Donations- Responsible for setting budget & keeping records, secure sponsorships & donations, coordinating with other sub-committees for cost estimates & quotes

Coordinating the Simulation Stations - Responsible for gathering & creating all material stations for event, creating instructions for each station, securing volunteers for each station.

Volunteer & Security Management- Responsible for recruiting & ensuring there are enough volunteers for each sub-committee/activity, ensure crowd is under control & manage lines and crowd flow.


The Planning Committee dates are as follows (you must be able to attend 5 out of the 6 planning meetings):


DATE                TIME                LOCATION

11/21/2017       10AM-12PM       SEMA

12/12/2017       10-11:30AM       SEMA

1/16/2017         10-11:30AM       SEMA

2/13/2018         10-11:30AM       SEMA

2/27/2018         10-11:30AM       SEMA

3/13/2018         10-11:30AM       SEMA

3/18/2018         Day of Event*      JCC


If you are unable to sit on the Planning Committee or wish to help the day of the event, please fill out the sign-up sheet here. You will be assigned a role and receive training closer to the date of the event. If you have any questions or concerns please contact, VolunteerTucson [at] rescue.org. Thank you. 



  • Willing to train for assigned volunteer position
  • Attend 5 out of the 6 planning committee meetings
  • Attend day of the event


  • Work through a planning committee and meetings
  • Other related duties as assigned


  • Willingness to adhere to IRC volunteer and workplace policies
  • Sensitivity to cultural differences 
  • Reliable, flexible, patient, persistent, and a team player