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The International Rescue Committee (IRC) offers lifesaving care and assistance to help people survive and rebuild their lives.

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Founded in 1933 at the request of Albert Einstein,

the IRC delivers lifesaving care to refugees fleeing conflict and natural disaster. Year after year, the IRC is one of the highest-ranking nonprofits for accountability, transparency, and efficient use of contributions.

Across 40 countries and 22 U.S. cities, the IRC is helping to restore safety and dignity to millions forced to flee from war, persecution and natural disaster.

In one year alone, the IRC's lifesaving programs:

  • Provided 14 million people with primary and reproductive healthcare.
  • Gave 1.4 million people access to clean drinking water and sanitation.
  • Vaccinated 292,000 children; helped 151,000 women deliver babies.
  • Cared for 22,000 sexual violence victims; mobilized 982,000 people to lead prevention efforts in their communities.
  • Helped resettle 7,600 newly arrived refugees in the United States; assisted 24,500 refugees, asylees and victims of human trafficking.

The IRC's efficiency maximizes your gift's impact.

When you give to the IRC, over 90% of your donation directly supports lifesaving programs for refugees.

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