International Rescue Committee (IRC)

A clean well for Ellah

On World Water Day, a photo share from Zimbabwe
Ellah Bhasira smiles when she talks about her new well. Situated between a field of maize plants and her house in Mutasa District in eastern Zimbabwe, the well is a welcome resource for the 67-year-old widow and her family. 

“Before I had this well, it was hard,” says Ellah. “I had no access to safe water." We were getting water from nearby streams. We were drinking it but it wasn’t safe. Thankfully, none of us got sick, but others in the village did. Having this well is better because it is protected and clean.” 

The International Rescue Committee upgraded Ellah’s well in 2010, installing a protective lining that prevents water from becoming contaminated. So far, the IRC has repaired or protected 274 wells throughout Mutasa District, giving priority to families headed by women and children.

“There are eleven wells in this village,” says Ellah as she rocks her great-grandchild, Tapina Nyasha (which means “we have been given mercy”). “I share my well with other families. I am happy now because we have access to safe, clean water which has improved our lives and our health.

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