International Rescue Committee (IRC)

IRC Staff Leadership

IRC Staff Leadership Board

David Miliband
President and CEO

Ciaran Donnelly
Senior Vice President, International Programs

Danusia Dzierzbinski and Pamela Kournetas
co-Chief Financial Officers (acting) 

Jodi Nelson 
Senior Vice President, Policy and Practice 

Madlin Sadler
Senior Vice President, Operations and Strategy

Amanda Seller
Senior Vice President, Revenue

Jennifer Sime
Senior Vice President, United States Programs

Carrie Simon
General Counsel 

Jane Waterman
Senior Vice President, Europe




Senior Leaders Group

Comprising the Leadership Board, plus:

Jeannie Annan, Director, Research, Evaluation & Learning

Ellen Beattie, Senior Director for Program Quality, US Programs

Mania Boyder, Vice President, Leadership Gifts

Tineke Ceelen, Executive Director, Stichting Vluchteling, Europe

Emmanuel D’Harcourt, Senior Health Director

Alyoscia D’Onofrio, Senior Director, Governance & Rights

Eleanor Dougoud, Director, International Programs Unit (UK)

Danusia Dzierzbinski, Controller

Amanya Michael Ebye, Regional Director, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Judson Flanagan, Vice President International Operations

Denise Furnell, Director, Global Safety and Security

Ravi Gurumurthy, Vice President, Strategy and Innovation

Chris Honsberger, Chief Global Supply Chain Officer 

Mary Jane Jamar, Chief Human Resources Officer

Bre Jefferson, Vice President, Award Management Unit

Sanna Johnson, Regional Director, Asia, Caucasus & Middle East

Bob Kitchen, Director of Emergency Preparedness Response Unit

Pamela Kournetas, Senior Director, Financial Planning & Analysis

Robin Dunn Marcos, Senior Director for Resettlement and Processing, US Programs

Mireille Cronin Mather, Regional Director, US Programs Pacific

Scott McDonald, Director, Institutional Philanthropy and Partnerships

Jason Phillips, Deputy Vice President, International Strategic Initiatives

Kate Phillips-Barasso, acting Vice President of Policy

Radha Rajkotia, Senior Director, Economic Recovery & Development

Colleen Ryan, Vice President, Communications

Mark Schnellbaecher, Regional Director, Syria Response Region

Sarah Smith, Senior Director, Child & Youth Protection & Development

Paul Taylor, Regional Director, West Africa, Central African Republic, and Great Lakes

Kurt Tjossem, Regional Director, Horn and East Africa, Zimbabwe

Hans Van de Weerd, Deputy Vice President, US Programs

Debi Wheeler, Regional Director, US Programs Atlantic