International Rescue Committee (IRC)

IRC Staff Leadership Board

David Miliband

President and CEO


George Biddle
Executive Vice President and Acting Head of Policy and Practice

Patricia Long
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Carrie Simon
General Counsel

Jane Waterman
Senior Vice President, Europe

Mania Boyder
Vice President, Leadership Gifts

Sandra Mitchell
Vice President, International Programs 

Colleen Ryan
Vice President, Communications

Jennifer Sime
Vice President, United States Programs  

Madlin Sadler
Chief of Staff



Senior Leaders Group

Comprising the Leadership Board, plus:

Ciarán Donnelly,  Vice President Program Quality

Eleanor Dougoud, Director International Programs Unit (UK)

Denise Furnell, Director Global Safety and Security

David Goodman, Chief Information Officer

Ravi Gurumurthy, Vice President Strategy and Innovation

Nancy Haitch, Vice President Strategic Development

Mary Jane Jamar, Chief Human Resources Officer

Scott McDonald, Director Institutional Philanthropy and Partnerships

Stefanie Pfeil, Director of External Relations (UK)

Jason Phillips, Deputy Vice President International Programs

Catherine Sykes, Senior Director Business Development Unit

Sharon Waxman, Vice President Advocacy and Policy