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Half the Sky: Shining a light on violence against women [Video]

One of the gravest threats to a woman’s life is violence inflicted upon her simply because she is a woman. Our partner Half the Sky by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn is shining a light on violence against women.

This new Half the Sky video features appearances by actress Eva Mendes and excerpts from an interview with the IRC's always-inspiring Amie Kandeh.  Amie manages an IRC program in Sierra Leone that informs communities about the consequences of forced female genital mutilation and runs three health centers where survivors of rape and other forms of sexual assault can get free help.  

Visit the Half the Sky site to stay informed, speak out, and help save lives.



I am not all too familiar

I am not all too familiar with this organization. I am from Africa. I was grieved by the treatment and 'place' of a woman there. I live in USA now and grieved by the treatment of woman here too. I know that it is a different kind of abuse but the woman living in abusive marriages - emotional, physical, sexual, financial, verbal -- they too live in a gender based violence. They too face the same inner struggles, trauma, and stress. How can the woman of the world be joined together -- in this? Yes, the west is not third world but the soul struggle is the same. It is not somewhere else, it is also here in the just looks different. I think people think because there is opportunity etc here, they will automatically be Ok, but this is not many woman suffer silently in this country because leaving is far too difficult, painful or impossible? It is a world wide problem.

My wife and I applaud you for

My wife and I applaud you for what you are doing to promote equal rights for women and in fighting to stop their abuse all over the world. It's a monumental task but needs to be addressed and stopped. Thank you for all of your efforts and may God bless you for it.