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Highlights: A year of school at the IRC

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The International Rescue Committee helps to ensure that children affected by persecution, conflict or natural disaster do not miss out on the benefits of a good education. When emergencies strike, we provide safe spaces where uprooted children can continue their schooling and heal from trauma. In the aftermath of crisis, we help train teachers and rehabilitate schools, giving young people the foundation they need to build a strong future for themselves and their communities. 

Here are some highlights from our work in 2013:

Preparing 2.5 million children in Pakistan for a lifetime of learning 

Three young girls sitting down on the floor inside a classroom in Afghanistan. One, to the far left, is smiling and looking up. All three have portable, small chalkboards in their hands.
Launched this year by the IRC and our partners, the Pakistan Reading Project will improve the quality of reading education in 38,000 schools and advance the reading instruction skills of 94,000 teachers over the next five years.

Enhancing primary school education for children fleeing conflict in Darfur

Teacher in Darfuri refugee classrom is in the forefront to the left, and stares intensely into camera. To the right and the back of the shot, about 30 small children also stare into camera.
A global leader in delivering high-quality education in refugee camps, the IRC provided early-grade teacher trainings to a school system in Chad serving more than 9,000 young Darfuri refugees, more than half of them girls.

Helping Syrian children recover from trauma and resume their studies

Joyful children with colorful clothing raise their hand.
In camps in northern Syria, the IRC established five schools that currently serve 2,000 children forced from their homes by the ongoing civil war. We provide each student with a school kit, including a backpack, pens, colored pencils, notebooks and other materials.   

Encouraging adolescent girls in West Africa to stay in school

West African girl carefully looks at her notebook inside a classroom.
In Sierra Leone and Liberia, the IRC advanced a program for adolescent girls—a group particularly vulnerable to dropping out of school—that focuses on providing educational supplies and uniforms, community-based mentoring and an inclusive learning environment. 

Establishing community-based education in rural Afghanistan

Two young and gleeful Afghani girls smile at camera, one wears an aqua blue scarf; the other an orange one.
Backed by 20 years of experience promoting education in Afghanistan, the IRC launched an initiative to improve access to education for 2,400 primary-school students and 90 teachers in rural Helmand province. We established Helmand’s first school for girls.  

Strengthening opportunities for youth uprooted by violence in Congo

Focused congolese girl stares into what seems to be the front of the classroom, with a blue pen in hand.
In the Democratic Republic of Congo, we supported the academic and emotional well-being of nearly 500,000 children and youth by promoting in-service teacher training, community-level participation in education and livelihood opportunities.  

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