International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Human Rights Day: Imagining a better world for women and girls

Today, December 10, is International Human Rights Day — today also marks the end of the 16 Days of Activism against violence against women.

From California to Congo, women and girls face unspeakable violence and abuse.  Yet each day women and men are fighting to boldly reimagine a safer world. 
Visit the Wake Up Call to watch videos created by International Rescue Committee staff, allies and supporters from around the world. Then, upload your own photo or video and share your story. We’d love to know why you’re passionate about making a better world for women and girls.


I don't care what type of

I don't care what type of abuse or mistreatment a person faces - IT'S WRONG. Woman in many countries today are still as a majority treated like a breeding machine and/or a slave. NO LIE. I was lucky to be raised in America but as a girl I was abused and neglected by men. Woman should be told they are loved and let them live their lives as they please and also remember and know they have a voice. I hear this lie so many times in documentaries of woman who tell their abuse story. Rape is never a way to quote and quote - "Discipline a woman." Rape is sick, and honestly It's a way to control people to use them for their own sick, twisted and selfish desires!!!I We as humanity are to WORK TOGETHER to be free and love. NOT for someone to say they won't be loved if we don't live life their way. I pray and realize we all have a free will and have the right to live however we choose. Love allows you to live and choose who you wanna be. Let that guide you. But if a man or anyohne is using you or a woman and never lets you go and do w/e you want to outside or forces you into things you don't wanna do -it's unhealthy and you need to leave so you won't be hurt. More woman die from domestic abuse these days than even recorded and kept track of. You are not alone if you are abused or were. I was. God's prayers and love toward you all!! YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!! So much love and prayers yalls ways -many resources on the web today for help w/abuse. So much.

Amen to that. I think it

Amen to that. I think it sickening not only that so many are hurt but that so few know about it. Ignorance keeps everybody blind. How many will have to be hurt before in comes further into notice? They don't teach about it in schools as much, saying that it is a "touchy topic". The fact is that if teachers can openly talk about gay rights, why not about wrong doings to women and ending that? The world is touchy, and sometimes we have to take a deep breath and plunge into the truth. Without bearing some of the pain for others, endurance for yourself can't be built, and the generations of today will fall into such ignorance as to not know the true meaning of freedom.