International Rescue Committee (IRC)

IRC mourns the loss of two staff members killed in South Sudan

The International Rescue Committee confirms with great sadness that two members of our South Sudan staff were killed last Thursday in a horrific attack on a U.N. base in the town of Bor, where thousands of civilians have sought shelter from escalating violence in the country.

The first, John Gatkouth, worked as a dispenser in the IRC health clinic. Three of his four young children were injured in the violence that took his life. The second victim was Mary Nyalou Chol, who worked as a cleaner in the IRC health clinic. She had been living in the town of Bor before seeking shelter at the U.N. base from the violence that erupted last December. She was killed as she tried to escape the attackers.

In addition, two South Sudanese health clinic employees were injured. The first, Gisma Bol, has been airlifted to Juba for additional treatment; the second, David Thuok, received initial care on site and is awaiting an airlift to another facility. Both are in stable condition.

“This is a profound loss for the IRC. Our thoughts are with the families of those who were killed and injured,” said the IRC’s president, David Miliband. “Our colleagues in the field often work in perilous situations, like Bor, in order to serve the most vulnerable people affected by conflict. It is a mark of the humanity and commitment of our staff that they devote themselves to those in need at such great risk to themselves.”

The IRC has been one of the largest providers of aid in South Sudan for over 20 years. Today we assist more than 800,000 people in the struggling new nation with health care, child survival and women’s protection programs. The agency also offers emergency support to families uprooted by fighting between South Sudan's government and opposition forces. At the U.N. base in Bor, the IRC provides vital health services to a growing population of displaced families caught in the deadly conflict.



I hope IRC will not forget

I hope IRC will not forget their contribution to the alleviation of the suffering of the IDPs at the UNMISS compound in Bor. May God rest their soul in peace and help the injured children recover from gun wounds as quick as possible. Oswaha Amerikan Jackson.

Its with deep sorrow that i

Its with deep sorrow that i hear the news about the loss of IRC staff,indeed they were working hard to better the lives of the people of south sudan.May they rest in peace.

We regret to find that this

We regret to find that this seems to be an attack against an organisation with the purpose to provide help to people in need. A crime against the UN or a refugee organisation belongs to the worst problems we have to solve nowaday to avoid escalating aggression. The undersigned is convinced that we should not waste our progressive life form in a process of revenge creating even more suffering. The cycle of violence must end with us and only a passive strategy to, for instance, either remove a refugee camp to save destinations or to pick some young intelligent nationals from the concerned regions and educate them peaceful to end future violence is appropriate. It is out of question that the security of UN staff and refugees must be guaranteed somehow. Proven figures of occurring genocide may justify the presence of protective international armies also.

Very sad news. May peace

Very sad news. May peace return to South Sudan

This is a very sad incidence

This is a very sad incidence and it is unfortunate to kill those innocent people, especially the humanitarian workers who have dedicated their lives to serve other vulnerable people. IRC has been contributing greatly to provide assistance to thousands of South Sudanese who are in desperate need of humanitarian aid. I urge IRC to continue the good work of serving humanity despite the continuous challenges encountering its operation. Long live IRC.

Sad news indeed.

Sad news indeed.