International Rescue Committee (IRC)

IRC to respond to hunger and displacement crisis in Mali

The International Rescue Committee is deploying an emergency team to Mali to set up urgent humanitarian aid programs as drought ravages the country and flaring violence and political instability force thousands from their homes.

“Supplies of food and water are dwindling, livestock is dying off and malnutrition rates are soaring,” said Bob Kitchen, director of the IRC’s emergency response programs. “The hunger crisis in Mali combined with escalating violence is threatening the lives of millions of people.”
The United Nations estimates that more than three million people, 20 percent of Mali’s population, are suffering from food shortages and that more than 320,000 children are at risk of acute malnutrition.
In the north, violence between Tuareg rebels and government forces is also wreaking havoc.  Since January, the fighting has displaced some 95,000 people within the country and forced 100,000 people to seek refuge in the neighboring countries of Niger, Burkina Faso and Mauritania.
IRC emergency experts arrive in Mali next week to begin preparations for health, nutrition, water and sanitation programs in eastern Mali, which has been hard-hit by drought and is also hosting populations displaced by fighting in the north.

Urgent: Crisis in Mali

Donate Now: Your donation will support the lifesaving work of the IRC’s Emergency Team, who are preparing to set up health, nutrition, water and sanitation programs to help families in need.


Do you let volunteers

Do you let volunteers accompany your staff on these kinds of assignments? I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in South Africa (2006-2009) and would love to be involved in these types of efforts in Africa. Thanks

i would like to be part of

i would like to be part of the team that intend to go to mali for the rescue mission

Just send me there and see

Just send me there and see lasting peace reign over the people of Mali. I am an ambassador of the Prince of Peace. shalom..&..God blessings..

If all the 'save the world'

If all the 'save the world' organizations working in Africa made uniting land locked nations with adjoining sea coast nations their first priority, a myriad of Africa's problems wiould be mitigated. Think of the US without the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) and state lines as borders. Vermont equals Uganda and New York State equals Kenya: and the winner is? You make a living saving one person at a time: thats like eating frog legs- too much effort for what you get!

You organization does great

You organization does great work - I would like the opportunity to send a resume or a synopsis of my experience to see if I could qualify for a position with your organization. I have had a great deal of overseas experience with the Navy, and it would be good for me to apply this experience to something which would leave a legacy of helping and instilling hope to people. Thank you. Bob Gumbs

The contemporary African

The contemporary African political situation is worrying. We as Africans must find a better approach to solve our problems without causing further suffering. We must learn to be tolerant, the truth of the matter is that the African leadership is a failed lot only committed to quick acquisition of personal wealth and power. Africa has the potential, Africa can stand and succeed, Africa is great and Africa will speak. My apology to all women and girls whose lives has been tomented by beastful men.