International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Isaac’s Aftermath: Emergency supplies delivered to Haiti’s neediest families



In the wake of Hurricane Isaac, the International Rescue Committee has begun to deliver urgently needed emergency supplies to families in Haiti's hard-hit camps.


While the immediate damage caused by the storm was less serious than expected, many of the 400,000 vulnerable people housed in makeshift camps since the devastating 2010 earthquake were impacted. Residents’ fragile homes were badly damaged or destroyed, with tents flattened and tin roofs ripped away by the wind. People also face health risks caused by flooding and rudimentary camp sanitation systems including potential outbreaks of malaria and cholera.


The IRC’s first responders in Haiti began distributing emergency kits on Sunday to the Villambeta and Le Refuge camps. Supplies such as tarps, flashlights, water containers and mosquito nets were given first to families who had lost their homes, and then to others whose tents were badly damaged. The team also repaired latrines and sanitation systems to prevent the spread of disease.


“The Camp Committee ensured that it was an orderly and fair distribution,” said IRC country director Miriam Castaneda. “They were very appreciative that the IRC was the first one to visit and evaluate the damage and, true to our word, we were back with the relief items as indicated the day before.”


The IRC’s emergency distributions will continue this week and, after the water recedes, the team will work with camp officials and partners to educate the community about good hygiene practices, provide clean water, and ensure other lifesaving care for Haitians in need.

Stay tuned for more updates and see pictures from the recent distribution below.


IRC team members secure their load of emergency supplies before heading off to the Villambeta and Le Refuge camps.
IRC team members secure their load of emergency supplies before heading off to the Villambeta and Le Refuge camps.
The president of the Camp Committee at Le Refuge signs documentation allowing the IRC to distribute supplies.
Team members unload the truck at Le Refuge, a camp of displaced people near Port-au-Prince
Next stop is the Villambeta camp, which also houses families displaced by the 2010 earthquake.
IRC starts the distribution to some of the neediest families at Villambeta.
Leaders at Villambeta’s Community Center ensured supplies were fairly distributed.

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