International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Map and photos: IRC response to Syria crisis

One in every four Syrians has been displaced by a devastating civil war.  A staggering 1.5 million people have been forced to flee the country — with thousands more crossing borders every day as violence surges.  More than one-third of these refugees are children under 12, some of whom left their homes without a close relative.  

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is on the ground to help. This infographic and the following photos illustrate how your support is translating into lifesaving assistance both within Syria and in neighboring countries:
Syrian woman sits in a tent holding a newborn in her lap

At two IRC clinics inside Syria, medical teams provide primary health care and medication to children and their parents and pre- and post-natal care to women. 

Photo: Peter Biro/IRC
A doctor puts an oxygen mask on a Syrian man in an IRC climic

We work with partners to deliver medical supplies and provide emergency medical services across Syria’s combat zones. 

Photo: Peter Biro/IRC
A group of children in an IRC classroom set up in a tent in Syria

Three IRC schools at camps inside Syria serve 1,000 children by providing education and counseling to help them cope with trauma. We also reunite children and families who were separated while fleeing violence in Syria.

Photo: Peter Biro/IRC
A man digs new latrines in a camp for displaced people in northern Syria

We have built showers, latrines and sewage systems and provided clean water to 30,000 displaced people in northern Syria.

Photo: Peter Biro/IRC

How to Help

Your donation will help deliver medical care, emergency supplies and other critical aid to Syrian families in need.

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