International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Meals for Miles

A very sweet DIY fundraiser for drought-stricken East Africa was covered by local TV in Des Moines, Iowa this weekend:

"Joanne Tubbs of Des Moines says she was watching the news two weeks ago, when a story came on about the severe drought in Eastern Africa.
She and her husband adopted their son, Miles, three years ago from Ethiopia. When the story came on Miles spoke up and asked if he could give food to the people he saw on TV, she said.
"I think the thing that struck him the most is he saw children crying, and he could easily tell even at his young age that they were hungry," said Joanne.
Joanne was inspired and decided to create the "Meals for Miles" fundraiser. She offered to ride 60 miles every Saturday, with her Miles in tow, until they collected $1,000 dollars..."
The family has now raised more than $4,500 for the International Rescue Committee's relief efforts.
If you'd like to raise money to help people devastated by the drought, visit our DIY fundraising site, iRescue.

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