International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Photo Share: Rashida Jones with the IRC in Thailand

I took these photographs of actress and IRC Voice Rashida Jones this week as she was visiting the Tham Hin refugee camp in Thailand. The camp’s residents have fled war and upheaval in Myanmar and have lived in the camp for years, or in some cases, decades. The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is the camp’s sole provider of health care and drinking water.


Rashida Jones in Tham Hin Refugee Camp Thailand July 2011

Known from the TV series “Parks and Recreation" and “The Office,” and the hit movie “The Social Network,” Rashida Jones is using her voice to raise awareness about the humanitarian needs of refugees and others uprooted by global crises.

Photo: Peter Biro/IRC



A refugee woman works in a small vegetable garden at Tham Hin refugee camp, Thailand

A Burmese refugee working in a small vegetable garden in the Tham Hin camp, Thailand.

Photo: Peter Biro/IRC



Rashida Jones speaks with an IRC staff member at Tham Hin refugee camp in Thailand

Rashida Jones gets a briefing from Yona Suebthayat, the IRC's environmental health supervisor in the Tham Hin camp.

Photo: Peter Biro/IRC

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