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Posted by The IRC on November 1st, 2011
Tens of thousands of Burmese refugees live in Thailand and Malaysia. Many live in refugee camps along the Thailand-Myanmar border. The IRC provides the camps with healthcare, water and other services. more »
Posted by The IRC on October 31st, 2011
Since the outbreak civil war in Somalia in 1991, most of the country's territory has been beyond any central government control. Somalia is awash with weapons and is one of the poorest and most violent states in the world. more »
Posted by The IRC on October 28th, 2011
Thailand's capital, Bangkok, is now threatend by widespread flooding after three months of heavy monsoon rains that devastated rural communities to the north. more »
Posted by The IRC on October 24th, 2011
Salado Ali Salat received five goats from the IRC. "I didn't have an income before," she said. "The goats give me milk to feed my children and sell in the market to buy rice." more »
Posted by The IRC on October 21st, 2011
A donkey drinks at an IRC trough in Somalia's Galmudug state. Hundreds of thousands of animals have already died in the ongoing drought. more »
Posted by The IRC on October 20th, 2011
Two children fetching water at an IRC-installed water tap in Darussalam village in central Somalia. The IRC is building and repairing wells, hand pumps and pipelines and training community volunteers in hygiene. more »
Posted by The IRC on October 19th, 2011
A woman displaced by recent fighting in Somalia. The most devastating drought in 60 years, clan fighting and clashes between the Somali government and the extremist al-Shabaab militia has left over 180,000 people displaced within Somalia this year alone. more »
Posted by The IRC on October 18th, 2011
Amid years of civil war and turmoil in Liberia, schools were closed and education was interrupted. Now with fewer schools and teachers, the IRC is working to get kids back into the classroom. more »
Posted by The IRC on October 17th, 2011
Jenny Koroma, 15, does her homework after finishing her household chores. Jenny attends a secondary school in the Kenema district of eastern Sierra Leone that receives support from the IRC. more »
Posted by The IRC on October 14th, 2011
The IRC focuses on medical care for women -- like this Somali refugee -- during and after pregnancy to ensure that they and their children stay safe and healthy. more »