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Take Action: Help children seeking safety in the U.S.

Children as young as three years old from Central America have fled unimaginable horrors in their home countries as the deliberate targets of worsening violence perpetrated by gangs and drug cartels. Many thousands of them have trekked through Mexico to reach the United States border. 

In response to this crisis, the Obama administration has submitted an emergency funding request to Congress which would meet the most critical humanitarian and protection needs of these children − most of whom are traveling unaccompanied or with very young and vulnerable mothers.

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Please urge your members of Congress to support this emergency funding request. And once you've taken action, share it with others and let them know how they can help bring protection to unaccompanied children.

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George Biddle, the International Rescue Committee's executive vice president, writes in USA Today about the U.S.'s moral responsibility in helping the children at the border. Many of them, he says, fear persecution and should be considered refugees. 

"All of these children, no matter what their reason for coming to the United States, have the right to make their claim for asylum or other protections enshrined in international law," he explains. "They must be able to do so under conditions both appropriate to their age and to the fact that they have often suffered extreme trauma."

Learn more about the unaccompanied children crisis.

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