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Wake Up Call: Abigail Disney - executive producer of "Women, War and Peace"

"Years ago, I visited Liberia for the first time and I happened across a story, and it was about this group of women who had done amazing and world-changing work, courageously, to bring that civil war to an end, and I have to say I came home changed, and partly really angry, because no one knew this story. So that really propelled me into filmmaking."

- Abigail Disney, executive producer of the PBS special, Women, War and Peace, in her Wake Up Call video.

The stories of women and girls – especially ones about the violence they face, the discrimination they endure, and the arduous struggles they undertake to transform their lives and their societies – often go untold. The Wake Up Call is the International Rescue Committee’s platform for bringing those stories into the light, where they can inspire, outrage, engage and move people in the same way that the story of Liberian women taking a stand against war inspired Abigail Disney.

Visit the Wake Up Call to watch Abigail’s video and others created by IRC staff, allies and supporters from around the world. Then, upload your own photo or video and share your story. We’d love to know why you’re passionate about making a better world for women and girls.

And, on October 18, make sure to tune in to PBS for “Pray the Devil Back to Hell” - part two of the five-hour series, “Women, War and Peace.” The documentary, which had its nascence in that first trip Abigail Disney took to Liberia, chronicles how a group of courageous, determined Liberian women came together to end the civil war that had been tearing apart their country. Then, on October 19, please join us for a live Twitter chat with the filmmakers; Leymah Gbowee, who was featured in the film and won the Nobel Peace Prize last week; and the IRC’s Elisabeth Roesch, who advocates for the protection and empowerment of women and girls. We’ll be using the hashtag #WWPchat. More details to come as the date approaches. [Update: the Twitter chat starts at 2pm EST. Just do a Twitter search for #WWPchat to follow along. The panelists will be tweeting from the Twitter handles @theIRC, @WomenWarPeace and @abigaildisney.]

“Women, War and Peace” is a co-production of THIRTEEN and Fork Films, and the centerpiece of the Women and Girls Lead campaign. The IRC is proud to partner with ITVS on this multiyear public media initiative that spotlights issues facing women and girls worldwide.



We share profound admiration

We share profound admiration for women of Liberia, who chose future over fear, elected Ellen Sirlef, Commander-in-Chief. Your film, Pray Devil Back to Hell, gasoline poured on creative flame. Gratitude---beyond words. my production75: Ellen Johnson Sirleaf: Pioneer/Pacifist/Politician I pray you will view & comment Dorothy Saraceno pacifist/poet/performer/producer 520 Linden Street Mamaroneck,NY 10543

So many women brutilized by

So many women brutilized by men in this world who have NO CONSCIENCE! Power over! These are evil men who will meet their own demise. They are the most fearful people around! These and many women do the hard work in this world and suffer.

I was outraged at what these

I was outraged at what these men...evil cowards did! So many women in this world brutilized by men of this kind.