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Posted by The IRC on December 31st, 2015
As the refugee crisis in Europe continues to dominate news headlines, there are many countries left to struggle with conflict and natural disaster largely out of sight—and largely on their own. Here are 20 humanitarian crises you may have missed that drove mass displacement this year. more »
Posted by Sophia Jones on February 15th, 2012
Over 80,000 Chadians who had been working in Libya returned home during 2011 in the wake of violence that erupted in the North African country a year ago. The IRC provided emergency medical care for migrants who arrived weak and sick after traveling more than 300 miles across the desert. more »
Posted by George Rupp on December 27th, 2011
When civil war erupted in Libya last February, the IRC stepped in as waves of refugees and foreign nationals fled to Tunisia. In Egypt, where more than 30 million people live on less than $2 a day, we launched a program to foster immediate job creation for unemployed and disadvantaged youth. more »
Posted by Ned Colt on November 14th, 2011
Libya has no history of independent charitable organizations, but that is changing rapidly. The IRC is supporting a nascent organization aimed empowering women, who played a key role in Libya's revolution. The IRC's Ned Colt speaks with the young and passionate leaders of Phoenix. more »
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Posted by Ned Colt on November 4th, 2011
This young boy is one of more than two dozen children living in a three-bedroom home still under construction near Tripoli, Libya. The IRC is helping families like theirs who fled violence in their hometowns in northern Libya. more »
Posted by Ned Colt on October 26th, 2011
In the wake of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi’s death, tens of thousands of Libyans remain displaced by the almost yearlong conflict in the North African nation. The IRC is working to help them. more »
Posted by The IRC on April 1st, 2011
The IRC had a message for diplomats in London attending Tuesday’s international conference on Libya: the security of civilians and access for humanitarian organizations must be priorities. more »
Posted by Anne C. Richard on March 29th, 2011
Sad to say, measures legislated after 9/11 now restrict aid groups abroad and prevent people fleeing dictatorships from entering the United States as refugees. As the world backs opponents of Muammar Qadhafi in Libya, it’s time to review the impact of these laws: are they doing more harm than good? more »
Posted by The IRC on March 23rd, 2011
"As coalition airstrikes continue, little is known about the humanitarian situation in Libya, although there are many reports that civilians are being used as human shields," says Gillian Dunn, the IRC’s director for emergency response. more »
Posted by The IRC on March 4th, 2011
As people continue to flee the crisis in Libya, the IRC's Alan Manski is on the ground on the Libya-Tunisia border. He sent this footage today as 10,000 people walked from the border to a transit camp. more »