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South Sudan

Posted by Peter Biro on April 14th, 2014
After three years of fragile peace, renewed ethnic conflict and food shortages in South Sudan are conspiring to create a new humanitarian catastrophe. IRC's Peter Biro visits the town of Ganyliel where displaced families are now forced to survive on grass, roots, and water lilies. more »
Posted by Ciarán Donnelly on March 24th, 2014
The pre-Christmas issue of The Economist included an article nominating a ‘country of the year’ for 2013. Surely a surprise to many, among the countries which received honourable mentions was South Sudan, specifically for its impressive GDP growth last year. more »
Posted by Sophia Jones-Mwangi on March 5th, 2014
Samuel Malwony, 19, who attends high school in Uganda, had just returned home to South Sudan for Christmas break when fighting broke out. Unable to find his father, he sought shelter in a United Nations compound. more »
Posted by Sophia Jones-Mwangi on March 4th, 2014
As the crisis in South Sudan escalates, the IRC continues to ramp up our emergency response throughout eastern Africa. Read updates from inside South Sudan and from refugee camps in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda. more »
Posted by The IRC on March 3rd, 2014
“The classic definition of humanitarian action is simple: we exist to save lives," says IRC president David Miliband. "But in fact we have other priorities too." Read his recent commentary in The Guardian. more »
Posted by The IRC on February 12th, 2014
The IRC's Sophia Jones-Mwangi is in Juba, South Sudan, this week to report on work the IRC is doing to assist people displaced by the conflict in the world's newest nation. Follow our South Sudan Storify story for updates from Sophia and others who are responding to and reporting on the crisis. more »
Posted by The IRC on January 28th, 2014
The IRC and 54 other aid groups working in South Sudan say they have been deeply alarmed at the scale of human suffering seen in the country in the past six weeks, and so welcome the recent cease fire agreement between the government of South Sudan and opposition forces. more »
Posted by The IRC on January 22nd, 2014
From Syria to the Central African Republic, the IRC is reaching millions of men, women and children caught in crisis. Hear their stories. more »
Posted by The IRC on January 10th, 2014
The IRC has launched an emergency response to the crisis in South Sudan, which has been pushed to the brink of civil war since fighting between government and rebel factions erupted three weeks ago. more »
Posted by The IRC on December 20th, 2013
The IRC in South Sudan is responding to tens of thousands of people affected by conflict that wracked the capital, Juba, in mid-December. According to the United Nations, 34,000 people have been displaced in Africa’s newest nation. They are seeking refuge in U.N. compounds in Juba and in Bor, the capital of Jonglei state. more »