International Rescue Committee (IRC)
Ned Colt

Ned Colt

Former Regional Media Manager

In Memoriam — Feb. 12, 2015:

Award-winning journalist Ned Colt has died at the age of 58 after suffering a massive stroke, NBC News reported on Feb. 12

Ned joined the International Rescue Committee in April 2011 as our regional media manager for the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia. His reporting from the field and work with the press helped raise awareness of the impact of the war in Syria and other crises on the lives of ordinary people. IRC colleagues remember him with warmth and recall his dedication to bringing underreported humanitarian needs into the spotlight. 

Prior to his work with the IRC, Ned served as a foreign correspondent in London for NBC News and spent eight years traveling out of Hong Kong as NBC's Asia correspondent. His reports from more than 75 countries have been broadcast by the BBC, NBC, CBC, PBS, ITV, NPR and other global media outlets.

Ned left the IRC in February 2014 to report on refugee crises for the United Nations.

He received an MPA from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government and a B.A. from Connecticut College.