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Fighting Human Trafficking

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Trafficking in persons — also known as "human trafficking" — is a form of modern-day slavery. Anywhere from 700,000 to 4 million persons worldwide are trafficked across or within national borders every year. The International Rescue Committee’s anti-trafficking programs strive to provide timely, high-quality, comprehensive services to survivors of human trafficking. The IRC also works to improve the community response to survivors of trafficking by providing training to local service providers and allied professionals and working to enhance collaboration and coordination among multi-disciplinary professionals on behalf of survivors of human trafficking. The IRC’s goal is to help survivors build lives for themselves that are free from abuse and exploitation.


How we help

  • Provide comprehensive, culturally and linguistically appropriate case management services to all survivors of human trafficking - sex trafficking and labor trafficking, foreign nationals and U.S. citizens, male and female, adults and minors
  • Help survivors gain timely access to shelter, economic assistance, job counseling and skills training, health and dental care, and counseling, enabling them to establish lives free of violence and exploitation 
  • Provide legal and immigration assistance to pre-certified survivors of trafficking and help survivors achieve permanent status within the US
  • Assist survivors of trafficking to become certified by the Department of Health and Human Services
  • Acting as a focal point for regional anti-trafficking efforts, IRC oversees public awareness campaign activities and the intensification of local outreach to identify survivors of human trafficking 
  • Provide technical assistance on human trafficking and multi-disciplinary collaboration locally, nationally and internationally
  • Conduct trainings and awareness raising activities for law enforcement, service providers, state agencies and the general public
  • Build the capacity of local communities to better understand and respond to the needs of trafficked persons.


Anti-trafficking Programs in United States Refugee Resettlement Offices

Baltimore, MD •  Los Angeles, CA •  Miami, FL •  Northern California • Phoenix, AZ •  Seattle, WA •  Silver Spring, MD

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File Downloads

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