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Iraqi mother and child in Kurdistan camp
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An already serious humanitarian crisis is growing worse with more than 1 million men, women and children fleeing their homes in the wake of escalating violence in Iraq. The IRC is providing clean water, medicine, protection services and emergency financial assistance to the displaced as well as vulnerable locals. In addition, the IRC provides emergency support to thousands of Syrian refugees in northern Iraq, and — since 2003 — those who have fled previous waves of violence in central Iraq.

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 Emergency Response in Iraq

  • The IRC is focusing its assistance on water, sanitation and hygiene for Iraqis who have fled to the Kudistan region to escape recent waves of violence.

The IRC's Ongoing Work  

  • The IRC rebuilds schools damaged by war, and trains teachers, reaching close to fifty-thousand students at 216 Iraqi schools.
  • We provide free legal assistance to thousands of Iraqi returnees and displaced persons, as well as to the growing Syrian refugee population.
  • We help displaced community leaders develop their skills in identifying and addressing essential community needs.   
  • We promote healthy families and women’s well-being by providing health, legal and psychosocial services.  
  • We help displaced young people find work and become self-sufficient through savings and credit associations and job training.
  • The IRC ensures that displaced school children have access to clean water and proper hygiene facilities.
  • The IRC works in camps for Syrian refugees where we provide services for women, education for children, legal assistance, and access to clean water and sanitation.  We also mobilize refugees and empower them to ensure their needs are met and their human rights are respected. 

Updated July 2014

July 17, 2014 | Blog
The humanitarian crisis continues in Iraq, where an estimated 650,000 people fled escalating violence in June. More than one million people have been uprooted since the beginning of this year, adding to the 1 million Iraqis still displaced by the outbreak of violence in 2006.